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Top 50 Products for 2015 – Faucet Aerators

This product is one of the “Top 50 Materials, Products & Ideas we recommend for the year 2015”, as chosen by our expert team of Architects & Interior Designers. You can download EBOOK “The ContractorBhai Top 50” here

A faucet aerator or tap aerator is often found at the tip of modern indoor water faucet. Aerators can be simply screwed onto the faucet head, which creates a non-splashing stream.

Main purpose of aerators is to prevent splashing, shaping water stream coming from the faucet. In addition to this, aerators reduces the volume of water which reduces the splash distance and creates multiple “mini-streams” within the main stream.

It also helps in reducing faucet noise and conserves water in a way. Since the aerator limits the water flow through the faucet, the water use is reduced.

It also help increase the supposed water pressure.

Design and Features

Aerator consist of 3 major components– housing, insert and rubber washer.

Faucet aerator is classified on basis of its flow rate and type of water stream i.e. aerated, non-aerated and spray. Faucet aerators are available in standard sizes- M22x1 (female) threading or M24x1 (male threading).

To Summarize

Why it’s a Winner :

Faucet Aerators serves 2 crucial purpose – water savings and smoothen flow of water. In a well designed faucets, aerators mix air with water & make it feel voluminous. If you are buying faucet/taps ask if it comes with water saving aerators inside.

What Experts Say :

Aerators are simple filters embedded inside faucets, has basic function: mixing air into the water flow. Many popular brands now comes with aerators inside. Now¬days home Owners are turning conscious of their carbon footprint & want to save water.

Cost :

comes with faucets, not sold separately. Choose faucet brands that have aerators.

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