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Modular Furniture options – MDF vs Plywood

Modular wardrobes are available in various finishes like Matt finish, Glossy Finish, textured look, glass painted look, etc. But the type of finish majorly depends on wood type used to build the wardrobe.

Modular Wardrobes are usually made of MDF i.e. medium density fiber wood and plywood ( Commercial ply or Marine Ply). The surface finish will depend on material used to make shutters and carcass (i.e. main body). For wardrobe shutters and carcass made from MDF, home owners will not have much options as MDF is available in matt finish only.

What are MDF woods?

MDF is actually an engineered wood made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibers and other chemicals to form panels under high temperature and pressure. MDF are usually pre-laminated or veneered woods and therefore one will not find much finish options with MDF woods.

While wardrobes made from other woods like marine ply, home owners can choose from various options like matt finish, gloss finish, textured look, etc. depending on laminate design, style and concept. Home owners can also have real pearl finish to metal finish, etc. that enhance the feel and atmosphere of bedroom interiors.

Solid wood or MDF

MDF being and engineered wood that are quite heavier and expensive than other woods. MDF absorbs water moisture and decays soon. . Also MDF may shrink in low humidity. As I Mentioned earlier that MDF comes pre-laminated and finished, it is still not enough for fine finish painting.

If home owners are still keen on having MDF wardrobes, few of above mentioned factors can be be overcome by buying a high quality and finished MDF that is laminated under extreme high pressure shall be used so that the moisture doesn’t damage the MDF. Incase of bulk order, a raw MDF board (without any finish or process undergone) is called for which is then finished with the laminate chosen by home owners choice.

But, Having solid wood furniture is what we recommend.

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