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Things to know before making Modular Wardrobes

Hardware used for Modular Wardrobes

Branded companies offer a wide range of modular wardrobes and furniture that provide utmost convenience and easy to use fulfilling home owner’s requirement. These modular fittings not only offer world class facility but also makes every corner of the wardrobe easy to access.

Branded companies offer various hardware options like normal closing to soft and silent closing channels, sensor lights and organized internal cabinets. Home owners also have flexibility to design wardrobes to match their individual style and comfort.

One need not have to get into the wardrobe to look for something. Infact the wardrobe reaches out to user.

Home owners can buy branded Hettich, Hafele, Ebco, etc. as per their budget. Incase of limited budget, home owners can choose from Ebco hardware and accessories which is an Indian brand. Otherwise home owners can buy Hettich hardware and accessories, which is German brand. Say, a hardware or accessory of Ebco brand will cost Rs.200, while the same from imported brand would cost around Rs.300/- to 400.


For modular Wardrobes either Merino Laminates or Greenply plywood is used. Both of these are the market leaders when it comes to making modular furniture. Marino ply is a bit expensive than Greenlite but both are as sturdy and durable.

The starting range of Marino ply is 1200/- to Rs1250/- per sheet. You have wide range of designer laminates that costs around 2000/- and more. And if you happen to buy anything that appears like steel or metal, the sheet will cost you almost Rs. 6000/-. Greenlite plywood too has a similar starting range. Greenlite has a wide range of designs and patterns that go very well for kid’s room. Like today where kid’s furniture are made as per theme or cartoon characters which is available in Greenlite ply only. Therefore one will generally find Greenlite ply used in kids room.


Yes you heard that rite! Glass for wardrobes. Wardrobes with glass door is one of the most stylish approach to modular furniture. The glass used for modular furniture is good quality glass i.e. St. Gobain glass.

There are 2 different types of glass usually used wardrobe shutters (i) Normal or standard glass and (ii) Clear glass. Both these glasses can be back painted as per customer’s choice of design. Glasses can be used in 2 different ways i.e. (i) entire shutter or door be made of glass with a thin wooden or aluminum frame, (this is done mostly with sliding door wardrobe) or (ii) glass placed in creative for openable shutters. Home owners can also choose from colored to tinted glasses too.

The cost of each of these glass varies. A normal or standard glass will cost around Rs. 175 with back painted design whereas a clear glass of same size will cost around Rs.275.

MDF and Plywood

For wardrobes made of MDF i.e. medium density board and Plywood, good quality Asian made wood is used.

Branded companies will never use pre-laminated particle board.

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