• Arc shaped acrylic solid surface shower base

Top 50 Products for 2015 – Arc shaped acrylic solid surface shower base

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Making a right choice of material for shower base is very important since it forms as the foundation of shower enclosure. For if home owners choose a base that cracks or leaks down, the later cost can be substantial as home owners either would have to replace the entire shower enclosure or end up having a damaged flooring below the base.

There’s no specific type of base that could universally be called the best, since each type has their own pros and cons. But, until now, Acrylic shower base or pans have proved to be useful and have topped the list in popularity.

The arc shaped acrylic solid surface are very popularly used as shower base. These are available in 3 different sizes i.e. 32”, 36” and 40”.

Properties of Acrylic Solid surface for Shower Base

Low Maintenance – Home owners can easily clean it by wiping the base with soap and water. In addition to it, there are no grout joints to deal with.
Stays Warm – The acrylic surface stays warm to the touch, so home owners don’t have the shock on touching a cold material while entering the shower.
Waterproof – Since acrylic in non-porous home owners need not worry for waterproofing the shower base. It’s already waterproofed.
Can Have Bench seats – With tile shower base, installing a bench or corner seat could be a challenging part. Whereas with acrylic base, the seat can be made as a part of the unit itself.
Cost Effective – Since acrylic shower bases are manufactured in larger quantities, they usually are cheaper (cost wise) than custom tile, marble or any other solid surface base.
Light and easy to work with – Most of these bases are set into a mortared base and are much lighter than marble or solid surface pans so they are easier to move around a small bathroom.

To Summarize

Why It’s a Winner :

Acrylic Solid Surface is high quality hygienic material that can be used to make Shower base. Base is made jointless with coved edges. It minimizes the maintenance, less grout to clean. Modern luxury look & feel.

What Experts Say :

The walk-in shower pan made out of Solid Surface (Corian) white colour, looks very impressive. It blends perfectly with the matching wall Tiles. An exprienced local fabricator who does countertops can help you get shower base & also bathroom wall cladding.

Cost :

Rs. 20,000

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