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Top 50 Products for 2015 – Bituminous Tar Felt

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Bituminous Tar Felt is an waterproofing system designed to protect residential as well as commercial buildings. Bitumen or coal tar is a compound made up of organic liquids that are extremely sticky, viscous and waterproof.

Bituminous Tar Felt Rolls are vastly used in waterproofing and damp proofing of roofs, basements and terraces too. Offering high bonding capacity, strong construction properties, proper seam integrity and easy maintenance, tar felt rolls are majorly used for construction purposes. Broadly known for its quality and durability.


As per IS code practice IS: 1346/76 and IS: 1609/76- Bituminous Tar Felt rolls can be used for above and below ground proofing applications Can be used of various surface types like concrete, corrugated asbestos or GI sheet, shel or folded plates, timber, and many others. It can be used to waterproof silos i.e. storage towers, garin godowns, warehouses, wagons, trams, buses, etc.


• It is decay proof
• Easy to install, repair and maintain
• Dimensional stability and flexibility helps adopt all types of contours

To Summarize

Why It’s a Winner :

Bitumen Felts is used for Waterproofing of roofs. Economical & quite easy to lay. Long life & very effective and dura¬ble.

What Experts Say :

Tried & tested material. It can stand expansion and contraction of roofs. Good dimensional stability. Tar felt rolls are low cost solutions for waterproofing treatments over RCC / Cement / Metal roofings.

Cost :

Rs. 130 – 150 sq.ft

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