• Backlit ONYX stone panels

Top 50 Products for 2015 – Backlit ONYX stone panels

This product is one of the “Top 50 Materials, Products & Ideas we recommend for the year 2015”, as chosen by our expert team of Architects & Interior Designers. You can download EBOOK “The ContractorBhai Top 50” here

Enhance your modern home interiors with translucent stone surface that marks as a design statementThe Backlit ONYX stone panels. Backlit ONYX stone panels are quite unique, visually impressive and exotic with timeless natural beauty that would last for lifetime.

ONYX is one the most beautiful natural stone with most unique internal design patterns. Its translucent property allows the light to pass through it, thus creating wonderful patterns. And therefore it has been well thought for making backlit panels.

Home owners can choose from sheer opulent stone panels to dramatic backlit sheer-stone panels. To create a delightful effect, home owners can bring in clever lighting installed behind or above these panels.

Each creation of backlit ONYX panel stands out individually. With so many designs and options to select from, home owners will certainly discover a material to complement any interior style.

To Summarize

Why It’s a Winner :

Nothing speaks luxury better then ONYX stone, not only is it semi precious but can for a great backdrop for your TV console, or bed back. Fixed with LED lights, it can create a great mood of royalty and elegance of the good old days but in a very modern settings.

What Experts Say :

Easy execution of back-lit onyx designs when paired with LED type substrates, articulated light papers, or in conjunction with different custom built light boxes, illuminating the intricate properties of onyx. No artificial surface can compare to the mesmerizing features of this natural characteristics of the different Onyx stones.

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