• Shoe Matrix - Wall Mounted Shoe Rack

Top 50 Products for 2015 – Shoe Matrix – Wall Mounted Shoe Rack

This product is one of the “Top 50 Materials, Products & Ideas we recommend for the year 2015”, as chosen by our expert team of Architects & Interior Designers. You can download EBOOK “The ContractorBhai Top 50” here

In this modern world where living space is getting restricted day by day, plays an important role of compact and space saving ideas. Shoe Matrix is one such fixture that helps you not only keep your footwear organized but also saves on storage space.

This wall mounted shoe rack can fit in any corner of the house.

Features of Matrix shoe Rack

• Size- Matrix shoe Rack occupies only 19”x 41” (width x height) on wall with 5.5” depth to store footwear.
• Made of premium quality Mild steel.
• Though compact, this shoe rack is sturdy, light weight with secured joints.
Lock & key arrangement allows home owners to get this shoe rack installed even outside their homes.
• Shelves have “open one, open all” mechanism.
• Highly durable and can be easily cleaned with wet cloth.
• This shoe rack is powder coated in desired colors.

To summarize

Why It’s a Winner :

If your house doesn’t have enough space for a well organised Shoe Rack, these wall mounted shoe rack are your solu¬tion. Comes with lock & key mechanism.

What Experts Say:

These are made out of MS sheets & powder coated. They are just 6 inches thick hence block very little space. Excellent if saving space is a big concern.


~ Rs 2500 for shoe rack capacity of 15-18 footwear’s

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