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Top 50 Products for 2015 –Rubio Monocoat Oil Finish

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Polishing is one of the very important aspect to protect and restore the shine and richness of decorative veneer. There are different types of polishes that are known to Indian market. But one polish not much spoken about is Rubio Monocoat.

Rubio Monocoat is new generation ecofriendly polish not known to many. Rubio Monocoat is unique hard oil based polish which is quite popular in European countries. Rubio monocoat is the only polish with natural components with zero VUC i.e. volatile organic components.

Typically, polishing veneer is a lengthy procedure. But the process of applying Rubio monocoat is different from all other types of finishes. Rubio monocoat finish is given in just one single coat unlike other polishes. It is the only polish that abides by with the microns of the wood by molecular bonding. This is why the consumption is much lower than other polishes.

Rubio monocoat is the only polish that can directly be applied to any type of wood like veneer, MDF and HDF. This unique polish- Rubio monocoat can give intense and deep shade to veneer wood in one single layer, without hampering the natural look and feel of wood.


The molecular bonding creates a durable and long lasting protection. To obtain this molecular bonding, it very important to let the polish dry properly. The better the fibers are bonded, stronger will be the protection.

Time saving

With Rubio Monocoat, once the wood fibers are molecularly bonded in first coat, the extra or second coat will no longer be accepted by wood. Therefore it’s pointless to apply second layer.


Rubio monocoat is not much of a costly affair as compared to the finish it delivers. So I would suggest home owners to spend an extra penny to acquire beautifully finished furniture.

To Summarize

Why It’s a Winner :

When you compare alternatives like Melamine polish , PU polish etc – Ruby Monocoat is clear winner. A single coat of application & excellent finish. Easy & fast in application. Start living in the house 3 days later.

What Experts Say :

Monocoat is natural oil finishes. It is completely plant-based, VOC-free.WHen you compare to other alternatives available in market, Rubio is completely non-toxic oil finishes. Extraordinary durability.

Cost :

RS. 27 sq.ft

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