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Stainless Steel hinges were first introduced in India by Aqua Company. Stainless steel hinges with slow motion are very commonly called as “earl bihari” by many contractors. These auto close hinges with slow motion are preferably used for light weight shutters like in furniture, cabinets, bathroom, doors, etc. Pure Stainless steel hinges are preferred mainly for cabinets below kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Stainless Steel hinges are not used for heavy doors and shutters since they tend to bend due to weight. Therefore for heavy doors (more than 6mm thickness) and heavy furniture’s, brass made and other heavy hinges are used.

Stainless steel auto close hinge with slow motion are designed in such a way that the door/shutter will not bang when closed. The hydraulic function of the clip helps in soft closing without making any noise. These hinges are maintenance free hinges unlike others. Auto close hinge meet international standards as far as its design, durability and functionality s concerned. These hinges come for an affordable price too.

To Summarize

Why It’s a Winner:

Costly but worth it. 4 hinges that will get used for shutters below Sink should be of pure stainless steel. Chances of getting in contact with water. Regular hinges will rust & go bad in 2-3 years.

What Experts Say :

Even the branded compa¬nies like Hafele & Hettich sell hinges which are not pure SS, they are coated in SS finish. It will incur extra cost, but hinges below sink should be of pure SS.

Cost :

304 grade steel – one set Rs. 1, 450/-