Who does not love windows and the bright natural light it lets inside our homes. I am sure everyone does. But are all aware of the impairment this direct sunlight causes. This direct sunlight contains harmful UV rays that create excessive heat and fades valuable furniture & furnishings of interiors.

Home owners can now protect their homes without changing the appearance of their home with use of Window films. Use of Window films allow home owners to let the natural light in and keep the heat and impairment out.

What is a Window Film…

Window film is film coating that can be installed to the interior of glass surfaces in various areas like in automobiles, ships, home and buildings. There are various types of films from different manufacturers that offer installation services too. Window film used for residential and commercial purposes are usually made from polyester.

Polyester films are used for clarity, tensile strength, dimensional stability and ability to accept a variety of surface applied or embedded substances. Window film can be generically described by the components it contains for performance or aesthetics i.e. dyed, metallized, ceramic films and its future use.

In this modern world you have DIY window films available that are glue-less and easy to install.

Features of Window Film :-

Non-Adhesive or Glue-less

Easy to install and remove.Reusable. No sticky residue will remain on window after removing. (usually films with glue and not usable.)

99% UV Protective

Window film blocks 99% of harmful UV rays that would prematurely fade carpets and furniture.

Creates Privacy

Window film blocks unwanted view from outside while allowing natural light into room.


Window film adds styles and decoration to windows by various designs.

Application Process

1. Firstly the surface is clean. The surface shall be lint free.
2. Spray water on the surface.
3. The applier shall be sure for where the film needs to be installed.
4. The backing film is then removed.
5. Install the film. After application of film, the excess water is removed using the towel.

The use of window film can be roughly divided into two categories based on intended end use, automotive (to include marine) or architectural (aka Flat Glass vs. curved glass typically found in automotive/marine glass) Homes and buildings both residential & commercial and industrial). The two industries are complementary, and many installation companies offer both services.