• Benefits of False Ceiling

Benefits of False Ceiling

False Ceiling basically are secondary ceiling hung under the main ceiling.

Initially False Ceiling were installed only in commercial structures like offices, shopping centers, etc. False ceiling were mainly used to conceal or hide internal wirings, accommodate centralized AC systems and other electrical fittings too. But today False Ceiling have made their way in apartments especially in living rooms and bedroom.

Benefits of having False Ceiling

(i) Improved AC performance

One of the important benefit which is good optimise use of Air Conditioning. False ceiling reduces ceiling height hereby reducing the volume of the room which helps in increase Air Conditioning performance that also helps save on your electricity bill. Of course here we talking about rooms with too much height. False ceiling in living room give a very stylish look and cool feeling that has good ceiling height, however in bedroom you may think of reducing height a bit. False ceiling for kitchens is something we wouldn’t recomend.

(ii) Provides Insulation

False ceiling acts as an insulation layer. Like If your home roof is exposed to direct sunlight then False ceiling seperatesor traps the heat layer to some extent thus keeping your room cooler.

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