Metals have a tendency to have chemical reactions with air and water when exposed to harsh environmental conditions, causing them to rust or corrode. Like, if iron is exposed to harsh atmosphere for an extended period. Also the iron and few other metals will start rusting due to oxygen interaction with water on the iron’s surface.

Therefore for cities like Mumbai, Goa, etc. receiving heavy rainfall need to take extra care. There are three main factors to consider-

(i) Rounded Bars – We suggest clients to have rounded bars safety grills installed. Rounded bars will not accumulate rain water and therefore there will be no stain marks left behind. Rounded bars do not accumulate dirt too due to its shape.

(ii) Anti-rust Solution – The window grills in heavy rainfall area shall always be treated with high quality anti-rust i.e. yellow oxide anti-rust solution. Anti rust treatment aids delay corrosion thus making the grill more durable. Once the grills are treated with anti-rust solution, let are left for complete drying.Safety grills are then painted with 1st quality Asian paint.

(iii) Parapet wall – Home owners shall get the bigger parapet walls built. Usually parapet walls are 1.6 feet in length. But for cities with heavy rainfall we suggest a parapet wall of 2 feet or 2.6 feet built.

(iv) For houses having roof topsRoof tops are typically made of Galvanized Iron (GI) sheets. Galvanized sheets are available in different and thicker quality too. Home owners shall have thicker quality GI sheets installed for roof tops. These will not be affected by rains whereas aluminum sheets will tend to bend due to heavy rainfall.