About Author : Rahul Chhedha, is a Building Redevelopment Enthusiast & Advisor. You can reach him at cell# +91-9322097004. Below articles are intended for informational purposes only.

Once the reconstruction or redevelopment work is complete, the builder will firstly receive a Possession Letter. Possession letter is like NOC where the local sanctioning authority says if the reconstruction/ redevelopment work is complete in all respect.

Later on a builder receives an OC. OC is occupancy certificate meaning home owners can occupy the home or building/ society for the purpose it has been sanctioned for. These are the final documents mentioning that said work is complete and that home owners can occupy their apartments.

Before giving an OC and CC i.e. Completion Certificate, the Corporation visits the site to verify the building/ structure. They verify if the flat size is as mentioned on papers and drawing. They also inspect for no extra area been covered inside and all that all other construction and detailing is done as said and mentioned by the builder.Only after detailed verification, builder receives an OC and CC.

Post Redevelopment Defect

Well a builder usually gives 10-15 years guarantee for any structural defect or damage. If at all home owner finds one in their apartment or society, the builder will have to get it rectified for free since its in warranty period. But this is if there’s any structural damage that has occurred by itself. If the damage is caused by home owner himself,(of course by mistake no one would do it on purpose) then the builder will definitely rectify it but the home owner will have to pay for the repair done.

The most common issue is leakage problem faced by most home owners. For any leakage issues post Possession letter, builder will have to repair the issue since its within guarantee period.

A Tip for Home Owner Post Redevelopment

Once home owners are permitted to shift to their respective apartments, they shall check with the area of their apartment. This can be done by measuring each room size and other areas of the apartment. Home owners shall check this measured area with the area promised to them on papers and drawing. This is similar to buying any new product, you always check the product from all angkes and then buy. Similarly for your homes too where you goona be staying for years to come.

Incase home owners fail to understand details mentioned in drawings, the best way is to check with the area of existing floor plan or apartment drawing to the and the new one i.e. the redeveloped one. Compare the area difference and check if it’s done as per the agreement.

Well, measuring the area of apartment can also be done physically before too i.e. while the construction work was going on. That is one could have measured when the brick wall and the partition wall was been built. Infact its best to check with room size while the work is going on as its easy to make changes at that stage. Once the apartment is fully constructed, you can’t do anything and then there is no option left for the home owner other than accepting whatever is done and given.

But, but this is in the case of redevelopment projects and not for new construction projects.