• Polishing Marble Window Sill

Polishing Marble Window Sill

Firstly let’s understand what is Window Sill?

Window sill is a strip of stone where 1 side is a finished edge used for window framing. The straight polished side is the top side of the sill while bottom 1/8” is inclined to match the top surface finish. Window sills are usually Natural stones.

Initially window sills were prefer only on the interior side of the window, but modern home owners today prefer having the same used for the exterior side of window too. Window sills attract the views and therefore it’s extremely essential to make a right choice window sills.

Marbles are most preferred choice for window sills. Marble, itself is a rich stone, with marble window sills, it adds beauty and style and also gives individuality to your room. Interiors. It elevates the beauty of windows too. Marble as a stone is softer material in structure which is sensitive to moisture and so mostly recommended for interior window sills.

Polishing and Maintaining Marble Window Sills

Many home owners tend to ignore taking care and maintaining window sills. They often think it’s a small part which needs no attention. Which is incorrect. Just As like Marble flooring or wall stone, window sills too needs to be taken care of. But yes they need not necessarily undergo polishing process as flooring every time. Main reason is that window sills will not as foot traffic like flooring stone.

With basic care and cleaning window sills can be maintained like wiping off immediately with wet cloth. But is the stains are tough here are few home remedies-

For Easy stains – a Wet cloth and Salt

For tea-coffee stains – 20% hydrogen peroxide with very little ammonia. Mix it and apply as a paste on sills unit it stops bubbling. (Avoid only ammonia use). Then you can wet wipe it unit the surface is clean.

For F drinks stains – use bathing soaps that are mild on stain. Leave it on stains for few minutes and rinse with clean water.

It the stains have been tougher stains then these, we suggest you to use sealant to remove them. And if nothing works, call a professional who will clean it properly, re-polish it or restore it and which they will re-seal it to have marvelous surface finish.

For High-Rise Window Sills

Well for those staying 3rd floor and above, the cost of polishing exterior window sills will increase. The main reason behind the high cost is the safety precautions to be taken for and by workers for the same.
And therefore marble is avoided for exterior window sills. Usually bigger window sills are avoided on first case and if any, the home owner needs to bare the cost of getting it polished say every 8-10 months.

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