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Paint wall Dark and bring it close.

Painting a wall in room in bold dark colors as a popular in modern home decor. But many home owners are still reluctant to use as it seems like a mystery to them for where( on which wall) to paint darker shade.
Well there are simple and easy tricks for great looking room interiors. Here are few of them –

  • For brighter rooms, paint window wall in darker color with opposite wall in lighter color for light to reflect back in the room.
  • For too bright rooms, paint wall opposite to window in cool, darker color.
  • Paint the main wall in warm, dark color while rest of the walls in lighter color to bring room closer to your eyes. This wall acts as the focal point of the room.

Mask the construction flaws by painting walls in bold warm colors. Also disproportionate room i.e. not square rooms can disguised as square rooms by painting adjacent walls in same warm color.

Dark colored walls pull the space inwards making it appear smaller while light color or cool color walls push the space away making the room appear spacious.