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Day Light and Evening Light are different.

Get ready to get more confused. I am here to raise a new question in your mind with respect to how you design your room. Sometimes know the right question leads you to right solution.

Let us talk about lights- Day Light and Evening Light. Day light is natural light that enter your home during morning and afternoon. Evening light is what you get during evening. But both have different Quality and different Effects on same color inside your room. If you choose a color for your room, ask yourself, whether that room gets more of a Day Light or Evening Light? What effects will it have on color you choose?

One of my uncle always used to buy clothes in day time. He will never buy a new shirt n evening or night. He said he wanted to see color of shirt in day light. That would give him the exact idea of the color. The Real Natural Color.

Inside your house we are talking about similar problem. When you choose a color, make sure it works with Day light and Evening light available to you.