<strong>Highlighting a wall</strong> be is the budding trend in home interiors today. Decorative Wall panel is one of the nice way to highlight the wall. Highlighting a wall in a room immediately draws focus towards it.

Firstly let’s understand <strong>why do need to highlight a wall</strong>.














Let’s say you sitting in a simple home interiors with plain color on walls. Where is your attention usually drawn to? Windows or say balcony or say TV if it’s on. Boring, right? How about adding some drama to your room-the wall. Wall paneling is one of the modern trendy way to style your walls, thus the room. Wall panels are eye magnets, your focus instantly shifts to it.

How to decide which wall to have Wall paneling or Wall Highlighter done?

This depends on basis of your home layout and home interior plan. One thing to remember here is that do not overdo your room with highlighters. I.e. have any one type of wall highlighter used for a small area or the smallest wall in a room.














Wall paneling is design wall usually created with a plywood or MDF sheet that are directly installed on walls. These panels are often dressed with paper, decorative laminates, textured surface or fabric as per home owner’s choice and home interiors with wide range of color, finish and design. To highlight this wall, spot lights, indirect lights, etc. are used. To add to wall drama, 2-3 niche could be created to display antique or expensive items.

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Avoid having all types of wall highlighter in one room. You have different style to highlighter like Wallpapering, Wall Texturing, Painting or Wall Paneling and more.

Basically this one wall becomes a decorative wall which becomes an attractive wall. Wall paneling adds luxury to your room.

Let’s talk about Few advantages of having Wall Paneling as highlighter over others.

Easy Installation














Wall panels are easy to install as compared to other wall highlighter ideas. Wall panels can be directly installed onto walls without any former surface treatment or groundwork. Also MDF board panels (most often used material) are lightweight and therefore easy to handle that can be installed within few hours.

Add Drama to your walls and room














Wall panels dramatize interior walls and enhances your room and home interior aesthetics. Wall panels can be used to either cover entire wall or cover a set area to characterize prime focus. Wall panels are available is varied materials, sizes and colors. You have panels that impersonate natural materials like wood, stone, etc.

Conceal irregular wall surfaces













Asymmetrical or uneven wall depths is a common issue in Indian homes. Having the walls aligned otherwise turns out to be tedious, time consuming and expensive job. Rather use decorative panels to hide such uneven surfaces, wall defects to provide smooth seamless surface finish.
Conversely, wall panels aren’t recommended to hide damp walls. Damp walls could be due to water leakage problems, plumbing issues, etc. If such walls are untreated, it could lead to mildew formation that could damage the wall eventually. Therefore get your walls done right and then plan for wall paneling.

TV Wall Panels – Used to hide electric wires














Wall panels are very popularly designed for TV walls in modern homes. Wall panels easily hide all the TV, set-up box and other wires and cables.















What more can a home maker ask for. Reusing material is the vital part to every Indian home maker. We Indians love to save such beautiful design elements and put to use. Well decorative wall panels, unlike other wall highlighters can very easily be removed without damaging wall surface and reuse in different area of your house or new house too.

Tricks to Wall Highlighting/ Paneling














Let’s say you have an elongated room that makes you feel as if sitting in a train car. For such rooms, highlight the distant wall. Home owners can highlight using Wallpapering, Wall Texturing, Painting or Wall Paneling. This will bring the far wall near to your eyes and also beautify your room.

Similarly to add to room depth, home owners can highlight the side walls using wallpaper or wall paneling to make room appear longer.

There are ways to trick your brains, with different design elements like wallpaper, wall panels, just paint and more. To learn visit contractorbhai.com.