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Here are some common questions Home Owners have asked after receiving 3D drawings for their Home.

Q 1) What is the order of deliverable items ?

Ans : Here are the list of deliverables & steps listed AS PER THE ORDER OF DELIVERY

  1. Selection of Colour scheme
  2. Selection of False ceiling design & TV unit design
  3. Individual Room Plan – First Draft
    It Includes

    • – Site Plan (measurements in mm)
    • – Floor Plan (measurements in mm)
    • – Photo-Realistic 3D Views
    • – Colour scheme board
    • – 2D Elevation of each wall with measurements
    • – False Ceiling Plan
    • – Electrical Switchboard Legend

    (all measurements in mm)

  4. Video Walkthrough – online viewer with 3D room. You can navigate inside room inside browser.
  5. Changes Request Process Happens
  6. Allowed to suggest changes once. Final Room Plan once prepared, no furthers changes will be done.
  7. Final Room Plan
    • Includes everything from First Draft of Plan
    • Revised drawings (as per changes asked)
    • Detailed measurements in 2D Elevation
    • Cabinets Schedule
  8. Safety Door Design Options
  9. Revised Estimate (if change in plan)
  10. Phone support continues during Execution of project

Click here to download Sample Plan to understand above deliverables

Q 2) “Is there any limit to how many times I request changes.”

Ans : After we present First Draft of Room Plan, we allow one more Revision. This gives complete opportunity to Home Owners to suggest all the changes they want to.

Q 3) “I Got 3D Drawings today, but I was expecting more creativity/Design elements. This Looks very simple & minimal.”

Ans : Our design service gives equal importance to three things :
1) Aesthetics , 2) Space Planning (functionality), 3) Budget
We prepare drawings for each room keeping above 3 aspects in mind.

We have designed many homes where home owners pushed us to add more design elements & we kept explaining them that we want to stay within budget. It is very easy for us to add one more highlighter or create extra decorative niche in some wall. However this will directly impact your budget.

One of our Ex-Customer wanted a very attractive False ceiling in living room. As a designer we tried explaining that Modern Minimal designs are much better & livable. However home owner insisted to make false ceiling super attractive. We made the design, after 6 months customer called us & expressed that false ceiling feels very heavy.

Q 4) “You have made Room exactly the way I wanted, so what value have you added as an Interior Designer” ?

Ans : If you have got room exactly the way you had visualized then that is a fantastic situation. You know your house & requirements very well. Now your ideas have been validated by team of Experienced Interior Designers & are now put inside picture. Imagine ease of communication you will have when you start working with contractors.

Secondly, we just don’t make drawing to get Look & Feel, but a thorough calculation & planning has been done to make sure your budget & space planning is in sync.

Q 5) “I had explained this specific point during requirement meeting, but you have not taken care of it in drawings”

Ans : We got all your requirements mapped in to drawings, it could be possible that we missed out something important. We allow one revision of 3D drawing & it gives you complete opportunity to request changes. Just send us an email with specific points & we will revise drawing & send you at earliest.

Q 6) “I called Designer but he did not take the call. I called him twice, didn’t take my call.”

Ans : We allow all home owners to directly call Designers & convey their message, however we request home owners to understand that if Designer is in a meeting or driving, he may not take the call. You can try calling in 30-60 minutes again. You can also drop an email & ask us to call back.

Q 7) “My Room in these drawings does not look as per measurements.”

Ans : When we generate 3D Drawings, we try to place Camera angle in such a way that you get maximum view of the room. Sometimes objects look smaller or bigger then actually they are.

Along with 3D, we provide Floor Plan (Top view) with measurements. This will eliminate your worry.

Q 8) My wife will give requirements on Kitchen, but rest of the rooms I will take care.

Ans : We are unable to communicate with more then one person. We will take requirements & changes only from one person from client side.

Interior Designing is very overwhelming process. In past we have got entangled in to husband-wife wars.

Once we start drawing work, we will strictly communicate only over one single email & Phone number. Your family members can internally discuss all details, but my designer will communicate throughout project with one person only.

Q 9) “You have sent me 3D Drawing for Approval, but I am too busy, I will reply back after a week.”

Ans : That’s not very helpful. We assign project manager & bunch of designers to generate drawings for your room. When you delay in responding, we pick up different project. It becomes very challenging for a designer to once again get back to your project details & continue drawing work. This is a fast-track design process. You will get best result if you send us all feedback within day or two max.

Q 10) “I sent you reference image, why can’t you re-produce same colour effect ?”

Ans: Many a times images you find on Internet are touched (photoshopped) or are 3D images using un-realistic material.

We strictly use images of wallpaper, colours, laminates, tiles & other materials that you can find in local market at economic price. All materials selected are mapped to your budget & functional needs.

Our mutual goal should be to generate Images/Drawings with material that we actually use & not to make 3D images look more photo-genic.

Q 11) “Colours seen in “3D Video Presentation Walkthrough” & 3D Photo-realistic images are different ?”

Ans: Colours seen in Video walkthrough are not realistic.

3D Photo images have correct presentation of colours of various materials like – wall paint, laminates, wallpaper, veneer etc

Purpose of Video Walkthrough Presentation is to allow you to navigate & explore space inside your room.

Q 12) “What is “Aloha Ply” ?”

Ans: Aloha Ply is a brand of plywood owned by For details, watch 2 minutes video at

Ask your Project Manager to send Plywood samples at your doorstep.

Humble Request to all Home Owners

You are talking to Interior Designers who are creative people. They are very passionate about their work. When you talk negatively or become very critical, it just creates bad feeling.

If there are any issues with drawings, we will fix it. If there is delay from our end, we will try to speed up. However sharp criticism will not help anyone.

We are not just making drawings but these are mapped to your budget & space planning. Actual execution is going to be 100 times more overwhelming then Designing phase. Your Designer will be your best source of information & suggestion when actual execution happens. Thank you for all Help!