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Interior Design Experience Center

In 2 hours, Learn about 15 Building Materials that will be used in your Home Renovation project.

Interior Design Experience Center

In 2 hours, Learn about 15 Building Materials that will be used in your Home Renovation project.

Experience Center, located in Mumbai’s Goregaon, will showcase Interior Design products, samples of building materials, Modular Furniture.


15 Different Product types & Samples. Imagine getting feel of so many products in one go.


Learn about Products with a Material Expert. Instead of learning hard way, after roaming around market, conveniently know these products.


Tips on how to Effective select Products for your house. Most home owners are not aware of best options that fit their need. Eliminate guesswork.

Product Types Covered

  • Tiles
  • Sand
  • Bricks
  • Italian Marble
  • Plumbing Fittings
  • Plywood
  • Laminate
  • Veneer
  • Wooden Flooring
  • Electrical Fittings
  • Modular Kitchen & Furniture
  • Hardware
  • Paints
  • Wallpaper
  • Curtains

This is not a Shop, we don’t Sell any of these Products. This is pure Experience Center. Come by, spend 2 hours, understand about products, zero selling zone.

Call us now +91-9920620009

FEES – Rs 1000 to be paid online for booking appointment.


Q) Is this experience center for me ?
If you are planning to Repair / Renovate / furnish home, you will have to deal with most of these materials. You will need to select products & make decisions. Session at our Experience Center is like basic starter. It will make you confident enough to deal with world of materials.

Q) Will I learn everything about materials covered ?
A) We cover several crucial points that will help in selection process. It is not possible to discuss everything.

Q) How to book an appointment ?
Amount to be paid in advance (PayTM or online transfer) while taking appointments. No walk-ins allowed.
You have to call us & take appointment. If slot is available we can book it for you. Call us on 9920620009.

Q) Is it OK if I reach late ?
If we have next session scheduled, we will cut-short on items in your session. If we do not have next meeting, we will accommodate.

Q) What exactly is your business ?
We provide “3D Design service” wherein we design homes. It includes 3D, 2D, measurements, material details & more. Please check our page on “3D Design Service” to know more.

Q) What’s in it for you ?
– We charge Fees Rs 1000 for session at Experience center (max two people allowed in fees).
– Some of the home owners who visit experience center, also hire Contractorbhai for “3D Design Service

Q) Can I get contacts of shop ?
At the end of the session we will handover list of contacts. These are reputed shop keepers/wholesalers of various products. We do not guaranty you will find cheapest price in these shops, but we are confident that you wont get cheated.

Q) I am Product Manufacturer / Shop Owner how can I associate with you ?
You give me display material/product to keep inside experience center, I will put your name inside Vendor list. Call us 9920620009.

Q) I am an Architect / Interior Designer / Contractor / Shop owner – will this session be useful to me ?
This session is designed keeping Home Owners in mind. If you are a professional, you would already know lot of things that are covered in this session. However you are welcome for a cup of tea, so do give us a call 9920620009.

Q) I am Student of ‘Interior Design’, can I visit ?
We keep free session for Students once a month, please call us & find out next scheduled session designed specially for students. Valid College ID is must for attending free session.

Q) I have whole day available, is it Ok if I spent whole evening understanding / discussing products ?
No. I apologies but this is strictly 2 hour session. I am sorry to spoil the mood, home owners are always super excited about products, but to maintain quality & standards, we have to stick to session timings.

Q) How big is your facility ?
This is a ~500 sq ft space. Very simple, no bells & whistles. More like a warehouse feel.

Q) Everything about “Contractorbhai Experience Center” sounds good, what is not so cool ?
– This is strictly 2 hour session
– No kids allowed
– Fees Rs 1000 (max two people) to be paid before meeting starts
– We do not have 100 different designs of tiles & laminates. But we have necessary sample that will allow to conduct session.

Session will not prepare you for everything, but whole idea is to know few crucial points, hold samples in hand & understand certain practical tips.