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Result : Our Software tells us that you like Traditional Interior Design with Modern design touch

– you like complex patterns, antique furniture & detailed handicraft designs.

– you like materials which have colors of wood with some artistic touch of carving

– you like antique style elements like lamps, rugs, & accessories.

– You like carved wood & detail artistic work

– perhaps, you like silhouettes scene

– you like furniture like winged chair (Aaram khurdsi with arm rest) & curved furniture

– you like moldings & wood floor patterns.

– you like traditional artwork & accessories.

– you like fabrics in solid colors or with floral patterns

In addition to Traditional Interior Design you like to touch Modern interior Design

This can be achieved by adding

– you appreciate furniture & fixtures with geometrical figures & clean-lined style.

– you like furniture & storage that save space, look sleek & are innovative.

– If your room has lot of bold colour then you can keep one wall light in colour[/info]