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101 Things Most Contractors Won’t Tell You :- An Insider’s Guide to Renovating Homes, Avoiding costly mistakes & SAVE MONEY.

101 Home Renovation EGuide ContractorBhai

Thinking of Renovating Your Home ?Watch this video to find out why 9 out of 10 Home Owners are not Happy after Renovating their Homes

“101 Home Renovation Guide” helps you crack many tough decisions even before you have started Renovation. Most of the points mentioned in this Guide will hit You in middle of Your Home Renovation, when You are least prepared for it.

This 50+ Page E-Guide will Enable

  • Avoiding Costly Mistakes

  • Make Better Decision

  • Save 1000s of Rupees

101 Home Renovation EGuide ContractorBhai Tips Suggestions

More then 300 1200 2000 Indian Home Owners have used this guide to prepare themselves for their Renovation project.

What Customers are Saying

I must have spend hours in collecting information over internet & talking to contractors. This EBook beats all that.
Prakash Kwatra, 1 BHK Home Owner, Delhi
I have actually implemented 2 things differently in my home because of this EGuide. I am really Thankful to team. Highly recommend the book.
John Fernandez, Bangalore
I renovated my Home. Found 20-30 Points from this EGuide useful. My Contractor has given lot of advice, but this guide was all worth it. Tips are presented in Quick & inspiring way.
Mrs Reena Yadav, Varanasi
You definitely need to go through these points before you start spending all that hard earned money in renovation.
Somil Kulkarni, 2 BHK, Pune

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E-Guide : 101 Home Renovation Guide

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Imagine if you used just one tip from the E-Guide and saved few thousands of Rupees. This book has such 101 tips that can smoothen your Home Renovation experience.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Who should buy this E-Guide ?
When you Renovate your Home, for Every 1 Lakh rupees you spend, about Rs 3500 is Lost. Either you were not well-informed or it was overwhelming to take decision in middle of the project. If you are someone who wants to bring change to this situation, this Book is for You.

I am not sure if this book will be useful to me ?
Have you spent few minutes on ? Did you find it useful ? If your answer is ‘Yes’ then you will find this E-Guide 10 times more useful.

Is this EBook useful for Newly purchased Home (newly constructed building) ?
Congratulations for buying new Home! Chances are you have invested all your savings & may be taken loan. Saving money & avoiding mistakes is more important then ever before. Yes this EBook will make life easy.

I am constructing new Home/bungalow. Is this EBook relevant ?
This EBook doesn’t cover RCC or structural or external construction. It is focused on Home Interior. Once slabs, beams, columns are ready – rest all work is related to Interior, which is covered in this EBook.

101 Home Renovation EGuide ContractorBhai