Get a Fresh, more Modern Looking Home & Space Planning Without Hiring an Expensive Interior Designer.

Planning Home Interior? Then you’ll have to solve 100s of terrible puzzles that drain your Energy

Interior designers have:

  • Expensive fees
  • Time-consuming delays

Because of planning, brainstorming, and designing the layout. Design decisions are made deliberately (sometimes they overthink those designs) and it can be months before your home design is ready for contractors to execute.


  • Lack design knowledge
  • Plan as they go

Because they don’t design your home — they only carry out the work. Design decisions are made haphazardly and might not meet your expectations.

But at Contractorbhai, we have:

  • Professional interior designs
  • Fixed, affordable price

Because we use an online program to professionally design your home. You get a complete design and plan within 2 weeks. Once you have these details, you can start working directly with a contractor.

1BHK Sample Plan

1 Bhk Home Interior

2Bhk Home Interior

2 Bhk Home Interior

3 Bhk Home Interior

3 Bhk Home Interior

How It Works

Our Fees

We charge Rs 30 per sq feet of your carpet area.

Our process

1) You contact us and give us specifics about your home design needs like square footage of your home and budget.

2) Then you pay us Rs 30 per sq feet. We work with you on all design aspects like:

  • Space Planning
  • Floorplan
  • Detailed Measurements
  • Electrical Switchboard Details
  • False Ceiling Drawings
  • Modular Furniture Details
  • All Wood Work Details
  • Colour Scheme & Material Details

3) 10-15 days later, you receive:

  • 360° Panoramic Image – so you get a complete picture of what the final results look like.
  • 3D Photo-realistic Images – so you know what each individual room looks like.
  • Itemised Estimate – so you know how you are going to spend every single rupee on your project.

Happy with the plan and design?
Then take your design to a contractor, so you started on your home design right away.

Not happy with the plan and design?
Then you tell us, and we give you 1 round of revisions free.

Want to see what a professional home design
with Contractorbhai looks like?

What our customers say

A home design that you love and guests envy.

Like the retired couple who moved back to India:
They wanted to do a complete home renovation. They didn’t know anyone here to start their project. We went out of our way to complete their project end to end. They were so thrilled with our design service that they referred us to several of their family & friends. Many of their relatives were surprised to learn that they got all the work done they wanted and that it met their budget.

Like the homeowner with no budget:
They did not have the required budget. We gave them complete design & planning and helped them get work done in parts. This family was very happy with us because we helped them solve their problem of no budget.

Or like the homeowner who was upset because a contractor created design issues:
Because of communication gaps and no plan, the project was not going well. We worked with this homeowner, created designs & complete planning. Instead of asking the homeowner to fire their contractor, we explained the designs to the homeowner & contractor. The project was completed successfully. Later this homeowner referred us to many new customers AND this contractor hires us to create designs for any new projects they get.

Ready to let us handle your home design needs?

Recently Done Projects

Still have questions? No problem.


1) How do we handle changes & improvements in designs?

Our design process has several steps. At each step, you have the opportunity to make changes. This allows us to mutually achieve your desired results. Our process requires equal involvement from homeowners for feedback & approval process.

2) Will my contractor understand the plan and designs?

Yes. We have designed over 5000 homes & each time an independent contractor did the execution. Our designs enable your contractor to stick to the plan & speed up work.

3) What is your Interior Design Style?

Our interior style is Modern Minimal Interior Design. We believe in creating luxury through simplicity. Homes with Modern Minimal designs look spacious, clean & incur less maintenance in the long run. We believe in “Best design is as little design as possible”.

4) Are the Interior Designer Visit fees the same for all cities?

No. We have Interior Design Teams in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad – here visit fees are Rs 2000. Please call us to find out visit fees for other locations.

5) In which cities have you designed homes?

We have designed homes in more than 100 different cities within India. Click here to view state-wise list of cities where we have designed homes.

6) Anything else I should know about Contractorbhai Interior Design service?

You can read customer reviews here. We also suggest that you go through our 30-minute demo video where we have answered questions asked by our past customers. In Our Work section you can see pictures of homes that were transformed using our service.