You can have your cake home design and eat it save at least 20% too

All while eliminating the need for working with an expensive interior designer or planless contractor

Fast & affordable home design that reflects your aesthetics

Contractorbhai 3D Interior Design Service Home Interior

Whether you bought a new flat and want to make the space more fun and functional or you’re renovating your existing home and want to upgrade the space, Contractorbhai can plan and design your entire project while sticking to your budget.

Our home design service isn’t about solving a layout puzzle, it’s about solving communication gaps and planning mistakes.

Here’s how our service outshines competitors in the industry:

Interior designers have:

  • Expensive fees
  • Time-consuming delays

Because of planning, brainstorming, and designing the layout. Design decisions are made deliberately (sometimes they overthink those designs) and it can be months before your home design is ready for contractors to execute.


  • Lack design knowledge
  • Plan as they go

Because they don’t design your home — they only carry out the work. Design decisions are made haphazardly and might not meet your expectations.

But at Contractorbhai, we have:

  • Professional interior designs
  • Fixed, affordable price

Because we use an online program to professionally design your home. You get a complete design and plan within 2 weeks. Once you have these details, you can start working directly with a contractor.