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Then You’ll have to blindly trust Your carpenter to make decision due to Your lack of Knowledge.

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Aloha Plywood

Why Choose ALOHA PLY ?

ContractorBhai’s “ALOHA Plywood” Helps You to Save Money. Stop worrying about quality. And Say Hello to Saving Money.

What Others are Saying

I checked quality with my carpenter & he happily approved it. Prices are reasonable.
Home Owner, Mumbai
Thank you for good product! We highly recommend Aloha Ply to all home owners.
1 BHK Home Owner, Andheri, Mumbai
Understanding Plywood is overwhelming. Aloha plywood team member explained details of plywood construction & it’s price comparison to other competitors.
3 BHK, Borivali, Mumbai
If you value quality over brand name, then “Aloha Ply” fits the bill.
2 BHK, Pune

Our Plywood Specialist will bring Samples to your Doorsteps

Call +91-9920744305 and talk to our Plywood Specialist


What is ALOHA PLY ?
“ALOHA Ply” is brand & product of company. Aloha in the Hawaiian language means affection, peace, compassion, and mercy.

What is unique about ALOHA PLY ?
ALOHA PLY is Exclusively for home owners & space owners. We strictly sell Aloha ply directly to end customers.

Why is Aloha Ply Exclusively Sold to End Customers only ?
Plywood industry is known for making end customers over-pay for low quality plywood. We believe if ALOHA PLY is exclusively sold to home owners (End Customers) they will reap the benefit of pricing.

I am an carpenter/ Contractor/ Interior designer – Can I buy too ?
We bring high quality, limited supply of Aloha Ply to market. Our first preference is ContactorBhai’s existing customer & after this other home/space owners. We prefer to sell Ply directly to End Customers so that they can enjoy best price.

Are there any kickbacks involved ?
We have promised our-self not to inflate bills under any circumstances.

It is common Mal-Practice in market to inflate bills of plywood & make home owners pay more. We strictly take measures to make sure that home owners never pay single rupee beyond the actual price.

How good is quality of Aloha Ply ?
Ask our team member to bring samples to your doorsteps. We will show you sample of popular branded material & our plywood sample. Both equally good in quality but Aloha ply is atleast 30% cheaper.

How are you able to provide cheap ?
You are buying directly at wholesaler’s price & not from a retail store. Secondly we exclusively sell to end users that makes sure kickbacks do not inflate price.

What types of plywood are available ?
1) MR Commercial Plywood 303 – 303 MR Grade
2) Waterproof Plywood – 100% Hardwood PF BWP

So how does one buy Aloha Ply ?
Call us +91-9920744305 or fill above form. We will bring samples to your home, understand your requirements & explain you dos & donts.

After this if you wish to buy, we will connect you to nearest distributor. Visit distribution center, check quality, make payment & confirm delivery.

Call +91-9920744305 and talk to our Plywood Specialist

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