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Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs ContractorBhai.com?

My name is Nitin, I am founder of ContractorBhai.com, Computer geek, US returned, certified Pilot, turned in to Entrepreneur.

Why was ContractorBhai.com started?

Almost all my relatives (kaka, mama, in laws, cousins) are professionally in to Construction Industry. My dad (passed away in 1995) was a Contractor too. I have access to network of 100s of people who are Contractors, Interior Designers, Civil Engineers, Architects, Carpenters and others. Starting this website was to provide a platform for them.

Why should I use ContractorBhai.com ?

Use it for ideas & suggestions. We can let you talk to Home Renovation experts for free advice. And only if you wish for, we will refer you a Contractor or person who fits the role.

So you guys are like JustDials or quikrs or sulekhas of the world?

No! These are big Giants and they deal in everything from Coffee beans to Rolls Royce cars. And each one of them do excellent job.

Whereas – at ContractorBhai, when you call, you talk to me . I understand your need. I connect you with some expert for advice. Contractors & Interior Design Experts, I refer are so good that I would personally hire him/her for my own Home renovation.

What level of service is available & in what cities?

Our skilled Contractors & professionals are ready to help you in your project. You can hire our Contractors in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore & Delhi. For other cities, do call us, if might connect you with a good Contractor.

In any case you can talk to us for Opinion & suggestions.

I want to renovate my Home, but I don’t know how much will it cost? Once I know budget I will start preparations?

Fill up a form here “Free Estimate for Home Renovation” – it will help us draw Rough Estimate for your home. After this when you are ready to actually start project, let us know.

How do I keep in touch with this community?

1) visit our facebook page and LIKE us at fb.com/ContractorBhai
2) follow me on twitter @ContractorBhai
2) Keep checking our website

How to Contact you ?

1) call us on +91-9920620009 or +918180099423
2) write me on info@ContractorBhai.com
3) fill contact form or write a comment on any page

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