Vintage is a great design aesthetic — But interior designing & home renovation practices are just old and outdated.

ContractorBhai founder Nitin - About us

Hi, I am Nitin, founder of

Most ways of doing business in this industry are still the same as they were decades ago:

You either hire an interior designer who takes months to create a plan or you hire a contractor who goes straight to work without a plan.

Either way, you waste time and money.

This old-school industry now has a new-school leader — Contractorbhai.

We save you time and money by planning and designing your entire project while sticking to your budget.

  • Professional interior designs within 2 weeks

  • Fixed, affordable price of Rs 30 per sq/ft

I founded Contractorbhai in 2012 and built it on the idea that just because the interior designing & home renovation industry is unorganized doesn’t mean your project should take an unnecessary amount of time or money.

As a kid, I used to visit my father’s work sites during holidays. He was a contractor, and I loved spending time with him while he worked. When I grew older, I became a successful Software Engineer. But I decided I wanted to start my own business. Because of what I learned from my father, transforming this industry was at the top of my mind. So I combined my expertise of internet technology & home interior design to create my brand.

Over the years, I have compiled a team to handle all of my customer’s needs. Together, we have successfully designed more than 4000 homes in 100 cities within India. And many customers tell us that guests love their home design. But they are surprised when they learn the beautiful results were achieved through an online company.

Let us create a modern home design for you that’s functional and affordable.