Comprehensive Checklists for each rooms and various arenas to home remodelling.

Planning to renovate your homes for the first time or yet again!!!

Here are Checklists that ensure all your Home Renovation work run smoothly and most importantly within budget.

Basic Remodeling Checklist for 1BHK – All the points/items that you need to consider and plan while remodelling a 1BHK. Also applies for any 2BHK, 3BHK and bigger houses.

Checklist for Remodeling Living Room – Living room is center of the house. Connects all other rooms of the house. Also accessed by guests. Verify if these points are covered while doing interior of your living room and drawing room.

Checklist for Remodeling Kitchen – Kitchen is the heart for every home maker. Kitchen is one room that cannot be approached in haste. You need to give it more time then any other room remodel/decor. Maintain this checklist to have smooth, successful Kitchen Re-model and most importantly to avoid any major mistakes.

Checklist for Remodeling Bed Room – Re-modelling Bedrooms doesn’t need to be an intense as like Kitchens. Bedrooms are rooms where you want to relax, feel comfortable. So let the design be. You can do so much to so little and make it appear grand. This checklist helps you plan and execute smallest of element for basic bedroom design.

Checklist for Remodeling BathRoom – Bathroom Remodel is one of the biggest investments you make for such small room.

Tips for planning Bedroom Remodeling – Our experts share how you can make the most of your bedroom space.Here are stylish tips and tricks for how to make small bedrooms appear big in economical ways.

Post Renovation Checklist – Finally the wait is over. The laborers are moving out. But before they’re gone, check that every job is done correctly. The house should be spic and span. Keep this checklist handy. Verify if all pointers are taken care of before you make final payments to the contractor.

Checklist for Vitrified Tiles Flooring – Complete guide to Tile Flooring. This checklist covers all pointers right from tile buying, laying down to pre & post tile installation things to consider.

Checklist for Wooden Flooring – Installing wooden flooring needs apt planning and cautious attention. This checklist help have perfect wooden flooring for modern homes.

Tips for Planning Tile Flooring  – Today buying tiles has become difficult. But before you actually go to buy tiles, you need to study your room, homes first.  Different tile size, design will make your room appear differently. Here is complete guide to Tile Installation.

Checklist for Decorating your Walls with Wallpaper  – Wallpapers are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to make your rooms appear grand. Here are few tips to wallpapering every home owner should consider that are unspoken.

Checklist for False Ceiling  –  Planning is the most essential to get any interior work done. Without Planning, all other work can fall apart. Here are Tips to Planning False Ceiling Installation with material guide.

Checklist for Home Plumbing – Planning to change Bathroom Faucets, Tiles and othe rbathroom fittings!!!
Download this checklist to have plan your plumbing work that can be carried out pre- renovation work, while its ahppening and post renovation work.

Checklist for Home Electrical – Nothing is as important as planning Electrical and maintaining it when its about safety for your family and home. Here is a checklist to have eclectically safe homes.

Tips on choosing Good Carpenter  – Furniture define your Space. It brings function to space. Here are few tips to find a good carpenter who can not only deliver good work to you but offer appropriate designs and offer an hassle free work environment.

Checklist for Grill Work While Installation – Grills, that serve safety to your homes, keeps unwanted guests and dust outside. YOu want them doen right. Here is a checklist and guidelines to to Grill work Installation pre- and post its installation.

Checklist for Doors & Windows for Renovation work – Doors and Windows are liek eye magnets. They create an impression to guests before anything else. Here is a downloadable checklist to have precise door and window fittings and details.