After a long busy day, we all desire a calm place, and what other place then home. Our Homes- our nest, therefore need to be comforting, clutter-less and less chaotic. Also for those of us who lead busy lifestyles, keeping our homes clean requires daily diligence. What then? The answer is keep your homes away from clutter. Have as minimal Interior design for your modern home interiors. Minimalism is all about simplicity. Lesser the items, more open space, more light, lesser the hassle.

Designer Pitch – For a healthy, less chaotic and aesthetically peaceful home, embrace a minimalist design.

Benefits of Minimal Design and tips to achieving it

1) Spaciousness
Open floor plan Home interiors, between rooms like kitchen and living areas allow ample of light. Such open floor plans or room with ample of natural light appear wider and spacious then it actually is, uncluttered that add aesthetic appeal to minimalist home interior design.

Modern Minimal Interior Design livingroom Contractorbhai

2) Less complex furniture, less maintenance
Minimal Interiors Design elements not only refers to walls and ceiling design. But Minimal Interiors features clean trim details. Avoid those unwanted door pulls and other design details.
Like Cabinets with flat slabs rather than raised or recessed panels and bare hardware to some extent eliminates the visual noise spotted with cabinetry.

Modern Minimal Interior Design furniture Contractorbhai

3) Less clutter
An overflowing unit (display unit or storage unit) can be distracting to look at. Get rid of unwanted items. This will help you keep your open display units neat and arranged. If you cannot get rid of those items, get furniture’s with storage like bed with storage, sofa set with storage, center tables, etc.

4) Less stuff = less cleaning = less dust, dirt & allergies
Clutter collects dust. Dust invites mites. Therefore look around your homes. Remove all the knickknacks from tables and shelves. Also remove those extra layers of furnishings from couch and beds. We realize, you want to make your homes feel more comfortable and luxurious with such décor items. But unknowingly you are doing the opposite. You making your home appear chaotic and inviting allergy drawing insects.

5) Easy on eyes and relaxing to Brains
Our brains are very complicated. We instantly get attracted to colorful, extreme creative details. But truly too much of variability cause chaos and stress.
Our brains counter to symmetry, clean and tidy items. It creates a positive reaction. And how it this achieved? With minimal décor items and design details. Minimalism appear peaceful to eyes and soothing to your brains and so to your mood.

Contractorbhai avoid catchy False Ceiling Design

6) 15 years lookout-Innovative colorful false ceiling
Innovative catchy false ceiling design will look good for few months but not in years to come. It causes stress and uneasy to eyes. We are sure you do not want to stress yourself for following 15 years to come. Having innovative, creative detail is good, but simplicity, minimal design is above all.

7) Less cost in renovation
Low cost doesn’t always mean affordable or low quality items. But lesser the design elements you have, you’re cost of renovation decreases.

Modern Minimal Interior Design kitchen Contractorbhai

8) Quality materials
A few well-made furniture of design elements surely cost a lot. But plan and invest on only few of them. Sometimes you may be surprised to see that lesser stuff can mean less money. What we mean is have lesser items but quality products. Good quality or branded elements make home appear classy, modern and are sure to last for years.

9) Luxury through simplicity
Simplistic is different from simplicity. Simplistic means basic while simplicity means sophistication. Simplicity brings in a sense of liberation. A home with sophistication and liberation gives a luxurious feeling. That’s why we say luxury through Simplicity.

Modern Minimal Interior Design lights Contractorbhai

10) Further Storage Plans
Eventually over years you definitely tend to over-stuff the house, so start with less in beginning itself. Also an uncluttered, clean space is known to increase our happiness and health.