3BHK types of Homes are too much in demand. 3BHK Homes are big & so is cost of 3BHK Home Interior. 3BHK Homes allows a family with kids, sufficient space. An additional bedroom allows you to use it as a bedroom or it can become a multi purpose room. Bedroom + Kids study room. Or bedroom plus home office. Or a bedroom for guests.

We are the last Indian generation which is taking care of Parents & kids, both at the same time. 10-15 years from now. Old Parents like developed countries will become independent & not rely on their kids. Fast forward 20 years from now, kids will also start moving out of the house as soon as they turn 15-18 years old. Indian culture is changing rapidly.

Many present generation parents don’t want to have more than 1 kid. 20 years back, families with 2 kids were the norm.

Presently youth, most of them are not worried about getting married on time. They want to explore, they want to grow in their career. Just ask yourself what was the common marriage age of your relatives a few years back, I am sure it has changed when you compare it to present times.

In many cities, residents are preferring to live in a Society & not in independent bungalows.

Hence 3BHK is the best thing to happen. They give enough rooms, literally, for the whole family.

We spoke to 3 Interior Designers who are also Contractors, we asked them to give some suggestions for home owners who are planning to do Home Renovation or Home Interior of their 3BHK Home..

Design & Planning

Contractorbhai design service Project1 Living room after Picture

3BHK is a big house. There are a lot of rooms. Each room will have 100+ tasks to be completed. You yourself have so many ideas for each room. Your contractor is going to do so many things inside each room.

Don’t get lost. Don’t lose control. Don’t go unplanned. It’s unknown territory for you. Before any work or material decision happens, prepare design. Design should contain floorplans, elevation (front views) of each wall with measurements, Electrical plan, colour scheme combination, major material theme selection…

Once you have design in hand, talk to as many contractors you want. Show them design & ask for itemised estimates. It becomes easy to compare the rates of each contractor. Contractors will also find it easy to quote you. Contractors will know what work is required & how much it costs & how much time it may take.

If you are looking for affordable Interior design service, please call us. Contractorbhai has designed more than 6000 homes, we have seen all sorts of requirements & expectations. You are in good hands…

Civil work is major cost changer

Building material - Vitrified Tiles cost and rates

If you are doing home renovation of 3BHK , an existing house in an old building. There are chances you will require civil work. If civil work is extensive, the cost will drastically go up. For example if you are doing wall plaster or changing flooring, first we have to break the old floor, after that new flooring is done. Lots of new materials have to be bought. Lots of work & material increases the cost of the project. Also time increases, there is a lot of dust & noise.

If this is a new building & you want to do 3BHK Interior, there is not much civil work involved. You will use all civil work done by the builder as it is. Unless you are planning to change some wall or change flooring, there are absolutely no requirements for civil work.

Furniture work

This is another big part of every project. New building home interior or old building home renovation, it doesn’t matter. Furniture work will be part of it & it is going to be a big cost of the project.

Furniture work cost varies on the basis of how much furniture & how many features inside each furniture you are looking for. There is no end to how much you can spend on making the furniture.

Plywood is known as the queen of the construction industry. You will need plywood, buy the best plywood possible within your budget. Inside Kitchen & bathroom area, go for waterproof plywood.

Major decision is whether you want to go with decorative laminate on the furniture surface or go with Veneer. Both have their positive points.

Material Choice

There are a variety of material options for each type of work. For example furniture can get finishing material or laminate, glass, acrylic, veneer, corian etc.. It is important that the homeowner understands the pros & cons of each material. You should get an idea about its costing. Which kind of material will increase cost. Which material usage will increase time to complete the project. WHich material will increase maintenance & cleaning work over the years.

Cost in details of work

building material Wall Coverings - cost rates

High level idea on various workitems is nice to know. But details of each item will also increase cost involved. Wardrobe quotation for a standard design is good. But if you increase the number of drawers, if you want more features, better hardware. All that will increase the cost of the project.

False ceiling design is fine, but if you decide to do more artistic borders, that will increase costing.

Miscellaneous things

Homeowners get so busy with work happening during Home interior that they forget about many miscellaneous pending items. After all work is done, you have to buy Air conditioners, appliances, curtains & many such similar items. It is better to get an idea about all such things & their cost before work starts. This will help you cut down on increasing the contractor’s bill unnecessarily. Since you will know beforehand that you need money for buying things post-project, this will help you keep discipline & take decisions in the middle of the project that can increase costing.

We have seen many homeowners when they shop to select bathroom fittings or tiles, they end up choosing items that increase their project cost drastically. Single item at a time does not increase a big amount. But when you add up 10 things, you have increased project cost by a few percentages.

Unexpected Costs

There are certain unavoidable items which can come up during a project. For example the condition of plaster on walls can be found out only when work starts. If there is major plaster work required, it will add up cost. This was not mentioned in the initial quotation by the contractor.

Contractor doesn’t mention this at all, because he doesn’t want to scare you with big costs. There is so much competition in the market to win projects. So Contractors play safe. Any items which can be avoided mentioned in initial quotations are never mentioned. Once work starts the contractor will come up with a good explanation about what additional work has come up & why your final bill will go up.

Talk to your contractor & find out what are such hidden items which can come up after work starts. By hidden I don’t mean to say the contractor purposely didn’t mention it, sometimes there are work items which come up only after work starts.

Your personal finance

Homeowners in metro cities are spending 2500 to 4500 rupees per square feet. To get a rough number even before you start talking to anyone. This way you be mentally be prepared for cost involved.

Plan for future

Many homeowners hire us for 3d Interior design service. They tell us upfront that their budget is limited, but they want to finish essential work first. We have designed many homes where we have done complete planning of the second & third bedroom. We have done planning for converting the 3rd bedroom to Home office. We also give quotations for each room.

However, the homeowner doesn’t intend to do this work. We point out work items which are necessary. Items which are good to have. And items which can be kept optional.

This way you will be prepared with a budget. Thai will help you set your goal. You will know that it is going to cost you x amount. And you plan to get it done 3 years from now. You will look forward to it. You will plan for it. Instead of completely ignoring the topic.