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Head office : Worli, Mumbai.

Manfacturing : Palghar, Maharashtra
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Since : 1985
Help Line : +91 22 2431 5500

Product Categories

Nirali Product line includes:

  • Kitchen Sinks
  • Wash Basins
  • Bathroom Products
  • Quartz Range
  • Ebax Nanitrap
  • Ebax Bathroom Accessories
ContractorBhai Recommends Stainless Steel Nirali Kitchen Sinks for Home Owners.

Popular Range

Glossy, Satin, Antiscratch

Simple & Value for money

D'Signo Range

Glossy, Satin, Antiscratch

Designer looks. Costlier then Popular Range.

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Nirali Kitchen Sinks With Price

3 Range of Nirali Kitchen Sinks With Prices

Nirali Popular Sink range consists of Sinks that are widely sold across country. Value of Money. Wide range of combination & size. Most available in Sating, glossy & Antiscratch look & feel. We highly recommend this series if you are doing Economic Renovation.

ContractorBhai Recommended Nirali Kitchen Sinks In Popular Range

Popular Series Grace Plain Kitchen Sink

Popular Series Grace Plain Kitchen Sink

Price Rs 4,895

Popular Range Elegance Anti-scratch Kitchen Sink

Popular Range Elegance Anti-scratch Kitchen Sink

Price Rs 7,995


Nirali Silent Square Sink range consists of sink Models which come with coating at the bottom surface. This reduces unwanted sounds. In certain cases Home Onwers want to retain warm water inside sink for cleaning, these square help retain temperature heat. Vibration from dishes is reduced.

ContractorBhai Recommended Nirali Kitchen Sinks In Silent Square Range

Opal Silent Square kitchen Sink

Opal Silent Square kitchen Sink

Price Rs 14,550

Opal Silent Square kitchen Sink

Opal Silent Square kitchen Sink


Nirali DSigno Range consists of sinks with cool designs. usually dashbaords are curved & gives designer looks. Costlier then popular series. If your budget allows you to get best then DSigno sinks are for you.

ContractorBhai Recommended Nirali Kitchen Sinks In D’signo Range

D'signo Range Elegance Unique Kitchen Sink

D’signo Range Elegance Unique Kitchen Sink

Price Rs 10,855

D'signo Range Ultimo Right Hand Drain Board Kitchen Sink

D’signo Range Ultimo Kitchen Sink

Price Rs 19,660

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What Interior Designers think about the Nirali Kitchen Sinks ?

  • 1mm thick sheet is enough for sink. Popular series is made up of 1mm.
  • Most Sinks are available in Glossy, Satin & Antiscratch finish. Antiscratch are costliest among all. Unless design requires, Satin finish is good choice.
  • Size of Sink is highly dependent on size of your Kitchen platform. Common practice is that sink shouldnt occupy more then 1/3rd of your primary Kitchen platform.
  • Quartz range of Sinks are not made up of steel, instead it is made up of composite of granite & other compound materials. Prices fall in higher range.
  • If space allows, Drain boards are nice to have. It could be used to keep small basket of washed vessels. Or you could keep washed vegetables etc.
  • Designer types sinks are costlier then almost same size of normal sink.

What Contractors think about the Nirali Kitchen Sinks ?

  • Almost all Ceramic Tile shopkeeper sells Nirali Sinks. There more then 100 different size & models combinations. hence no dealers keeps them all. You have to choose from catalog & place the order.
  • When you buy Sinks, Couplings are included in the Price.
  • Many shopkeepers give you discount upto 15% on MRP.
  • Most common style of fixing Sink is to sandwich plain edges between slabs of granite. ‘Inset’ & ‘Set-on’ are other options.
  • Silent series of Nirali sinks have additional white coloured coating on back. This coasting will reduce sound made by stainless steel body. Coating if gets scratched by some object will come out & cannot be put back.

What Building material Shop Owners says about Nirali Kitchen Sinks?

  • Nirali sinks use Stainless steel of 304 grade.
  • All sizes mentioned in catalog might have minor mm difference sometimes.
  • Replacing Kitchen sink is more complex then replacing plumbing. SInks get fitted inside your platform. Hence very important that you buy good one.


  • Most Building material Shops give upto 15% discounts on Nirali Kitchen Sinks

Product Gallery

We are listing here 5 different Nirali Kitchen Sinks which we highly recommend to Home Owners.