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Here are 5 Tips on using Product Catalogues

1) Learn through Catalogues – Sometimes just scanning through catalogue will help you learn about products. For example Tile company catalogue will display sections like – Floor Tiles & Wall Tiles, Ceramic Tiles & Vitrified Tiles, GVT & PVT etc

2) Price is Not Right – MRP (Prices) are mentioned in some of the catalogues. These are always eye-wash (not realistic). Actual shops will sell these products at lower price. I once saw price of a Modular Switch Rs 30 per piece, I was surprise to find out shop was selling it for Rs 18.

3) Smart work before Hard work – before you head out to local store to select product. Good idea to spend few minutes on catalogues with your contractor/designer & shortlist products to checkout.

4) Get Design Ideas – Sometimes going through catalogues can give cool design ideas. Specially catalogues made by Tiles companies, Walpaper companies, Paints alwasy show colour scheme ideas.

5) How not to waste time – Kajaria has more then 8000 different tiles. Jaquar has more then 2000 different bathroom fittings. It is possible to get lost in this variety. Catalogues are sometimes useful in figuring what types of material you do not want to spend (waste) time.

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