Periodic Table of Building Material Brands

If you are a Home Owner, planning to do Home Renovation or Home Interior work, below are bunch of brand names you should be aware of.

Why Periodic Table ?
We wanted to list about 90-100 brand names & we thought of why not create a Chemistry’s Periodic Table like structure.

Why should I know these brands ?
If you are starting a new project, many of these brands you will come across over your project journey. As a layman we do not come across many of these brands until we renovate home.

How to use this table ?
Simply grab a cup of tea/coffee & click on symbols one after other, it will pop up a brand and quick one line description about company.

How did you decide which brand to list & is there any ranking ?
We simply listed names that were top of our mind. This periodic table is still work in progress. We will keep adding more valuable information here. There is no ranking of any kind. If you think we have missed some brand, shoot an email to

OK! Tell me anyway, why Periodic Table ?
I (Nitin, founder of Contractorbhai) am a big fan of Breaking Bad TV Series. If you have seen it, you will understand.

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Ad Dp
Ap Nr As Bg Sg Mg Hn
Ht Hf Eb S Kc Fb Kf C Tr Hi Ma Ew Ja Ko Dr
J Cr H To Dv Pw Kl Rc Gh Sx Aq Pb Vb Bw
K Jt Nc St R Ag Sp V Cm Rk Ac Ab Uc N Gy At As Pp
Ar Ph Hv Pc Fx Rr Sy Bj Cg Wp Lg Gm Us Or Dk Og Ss Bs
Kp Cp Gp Iw A Rt Ml Du Gi Nv Rm Sp Fn Nk

You Share so many links anyways, one more will not hurt!

Download Periodic Table of Brands (PDF File)