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Cost of Renovating Kitchen in Mumbai or Pune

When we talk about Kitchen Renovation in city like Mumbai Pune Bangalore or any other big city of India, the biggest expense in most cases is Cost of Kitchen Platform.

Lets say you want to replace complete Kitchen Platform. There is Trolley inside that also gets replaced in such cases. Then you have to manage Cooking Range, Chimney arrangement. So there are these and many such items inside Kitchen that either gets partly repaired or completely replaced.

Still the main item that adds up cost is Kitchen Platform and  trolley that goes inside to hold utensils etc.

Granite Kitchen top are best material for Indian Kitchens

Granite Kitchen top are best material for Indian Kitchens

Let say you decide to do your Kitchen in Black Granite, which is a very Popular choice. In city like Mumbai the cost/rate could be around Rs. 2500 per rft (running feet) . Running feet is different from regular square feet. When you measure flooring you talk in terms of Square feet. however for things like Door frame, Window Frame or Kitchen usual standard is to count in rft i.e running square feet.

In a typical home 8 feet long fits the requirement, however every home has different requirements. 8 feet is just a typical base which is assumed.

Regarding Trolley expense that can be around Rs 3000 per rft. This is metal work, sometime coated with finishing layer.

Other then carpenter would take care of Cabinet. Electrician takes of light/electricity fitting. Sometimes you need loft made out of some stone etc.

Flooring/Tiling is another item that gets added. Ceramic Tiles would cost you around Rs.  100 per square feet. Vitrified would cost you about Rs. 150 square feet.

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