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For Now – Municipal Corporation Mumbai – Rocks!

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This morning I went to Satancruz BMC (Municipal Corporation Mumbai) office to get Birth Certificate for my 3 month old twins(daughters). I was pleasantly surprised to see how things have become more organised. It was one of the best government office experience of my life.

I filled up forms, stood in queue, when my turn came, I gave the forms. I was shocked to find out that within 10 seconds this lady officer was able to pull out details on her computer screen. She had all the details of me & my wife. All she had to do was add new names of my daughters. It took like 2 minutes to submit form which includes minute for making payments. Then she gave me receipt & told me to go to last counter.

On the last counter – I got second shock! There was person ready with 20 copies of certificates. Unbelievable!

I was expecting them to take atleast 2-3 weeks to get things ready, but here my certificates were ready in minutes. Only thing pending was – take all certificates to Medical Officer who was on different floor. I went there, he took papers from my hand & signed it. He saw the names of my daughters on Certificates, smiled & said “Vani & Veni – nice names” .

That’s it! I Congratulated Medical officer for such a wonderful experience. I was out BMC building in like 10 – 12 minutes with my work done.

I have been to Government offices in past & I always came out with regret about state of things. Imagine what will happen when in few years we will have most of our government services computerised.

Today, it was new experience for me. I am thrilled! This experience of mine at BMC office beats all the nice government experiences so far ( including ones I had while my stay in United states of America)

Kudos to Municipal Corporation Mumbai!

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