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An Unbiased View on Hiring Carpenter to build Modular Kitchen

When I say Indian Modular Kitchen – we are really talking about Semi – Modular Kitchen . Check here “difference between Indian Modular Kitchen & Indian Semi Modular Kitchen”

So can your local Carpenter be hired to build your Modular Kitchen ?
Yes & NO

Modular Kitchen requires – that all shutters, panels, cabinets are factory made. If your carpenter is goign to make panels & shutters at home – he is probably going to do it in old traditional way. This will not give you modern cool finish. He will put laminate on both side or whatever & there will be sharp edges – here & there. Its your kitchen form old times.

Semi-Modular Kitchen

Semi-Modular Kitchen

However if your Carpenter is going to get Machine pressed & factory made shutters etc then we can get cool look. However if carpenter does that he is in short reducing his Bill amount, so most of the time a Carpenter might not advise for factory made stuff.

Design – assuming that your carpenter keeps in touch with latest trends & materials, he can give you result. A professional who makes Modular Kitchen frequently will know what new good materials are available in market.

Drawings – A skilled professional will also prepare a drawing for you even before you give a order. Carpenter may not be able to give you any 2d or 3d drawing.

So if you want o Modular Kitchen, ask your Contractor to do it correctly.

In our team we have a Interior Designer who has been making just Modular Kitchen & nothing else. He works with all best available material as per trend & which fits in budget. He shows 3 d drawing so that Hoem Owner knows what they are goign to get.

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