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In India, it is common for people to use term “Modular Kitchen” for all purpose. However technically there is difference in Modular Kitchen & Semi Modular Kitchen. Most of the Indian Home Owners who are buying Modular kitchen are buying really “Semi Modular Kitchen”

Lets understand the difference: Modular Kitchen allows you to dismantle whole Kitchen, move it to a new apartment & Fix it again. It is that simple. Whereas with Semi Modular Kitchen there is minor difference.

lets say you bought a new House – inside kitchen, builder has given you Kitchen Platform made out of Marble with Granite Counter-top. These are hard built inside your kitchen by Civil work professionals. On top of this existing platform you add Trolleys, shutters which Machine pressed with cool Finish. Hence what you have really done is used a platform made using Civil work & added Trolleys shutters, cabinets – all made out as per Modular Kitchen standards. if you were planning to move, you can dismantle trolleys, cabinets, shutters & perhaps try to use it at new place. Platform granite & marble you can dismantle. You either leave it as it is or break it apart. But you cannot re-use it. Secondly. lets say you moved & carried your trolleys, cabinets, shutters etc to new place. You can re-use these items only if they fit in to new platform. What if this new place had marble/granite platform already built for different size & combination of trolleys?

However with fully Modular Kitchen, there is no Civil work involved – give me a empty Kitchen with all required electrical & plumbing points – I will setup Modular kitchen in 2 – 3 days. You can dismantle it, carry it when you move, & fix it again.

In Indian homes by default – we use “Semi – Modular Kitchen” i.e – we call Civil professionals to build a Kitchen Platform out of Marble with a Granite Counter-top & then we call in Modular Kitchen Specialist to complete the kitchen.

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