• Kitchen Platform Designs

Kitchen Platform Designs

In Indian homes, tradition style was to sit down on floor to have your meal. Even cooking was done on the floor. I am talking about your grand parent”s time. Slowly trend changed, many people started making small simple platform & people were still using Primus . Then things changed & people started using LPG Gas stove. Still Platform was only 6 inches raised from the floor. Until long time, cooking was done on this 6″ raised platform ( Indian style platform) & family would seat on floor right across to enjoy their meal.

Then we picked up things from western world & started having platform raised up to 30 inches high (2 feet 6 inches ). One has to stand while cooking. Design kept evolving as per the space management & convenience factor. Sink became important part in kitchen. Water provision is made here.

Today”s time kitchen trolleys bring more convenience to the functionality of your kitchen. With Modular kitchen trolley it becomes more easy to use space inside platform. You don”t have bend too much down to get some thing out. Pull trolley out, you see item you need, grab it.

Space available & your requirement decides design of your kitchen. A small family, just for cooking needs 4 feet of platform with sink.

Then things changed further, people wanted more convenience they started coming up with option to have a seat near kitchen. Some storage.online casino Filter. Cabinet. Gas stove.

If you have bigger space then you can start placing Micro-oven, mixer, grinder, toaster. So instead of lifting these items & keeping it somewhere else, if you have space, then area can be used to place these appliances. The additional platform which holds your appliances is know as “Service Platform” . Depending upon space you can have C shape, Parallel, L shape.

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