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In Mumbai tile market, one can choose from branded tiles like Johnson, Kajaria, Nitco, SPL, Argenta, RAK, etc. There are unbranded tiles that come from Morbi ( near Ahmadabad ), popularly known as Morbi tiles. These unbranded tiles are outsourced by dealers. There are different types of tiles like Vitrified tiles, Ceramic tiles, Porcelain tiles, Terracotta tiles, Stone tiles, mosaic tiles, Glazed tiles, Solar tiles , and more available in these brands. Different tiles are used in different rooms depending on their features.

But it’s always good to check a tile (be it branded or non-branded) while finally buying with a shopkeeper. Like especially for glazed tiles, it must be vacuumed first to get rid of dirt and then mopped with warm water. Similarly, one shall check for any cracks or shade difference or any broken tiles while buying.

here are links to download catalogs of some of these branded companies :