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Sink Vessel Bowl Rasin Pebble – Product Review

Tired of cleaning your standard white ceramic sinks ?

Add beauty and style to your bathroom and kitchen with decorative resin vessel sink. Resin Vessel sinks are perfect for making a bold statement to your interiors. Resin vessel sinks are made of of hard plastic and are unbreakable. These basins are also tough and scratchproof.


You have variety of designs in Resin Vessel sink like pebbles, Korean (Korean stones used as decorative pieces), alphabets, natural stone, etc. You also get to choose from different colour combination in each style. You have similar style and design basins manufactured in glass too. But glass basins are not as durable as resin vessel sink bowl as they tend to break and scratch easily comparatively.


basic resin vessel sink costs around Rs.4,000 to Rs.5,000/ per piece. The vessel seink gets costlier with design and style for the same.


Resin vessel sink is like a new concept and therefore there are not many manufacturers. Ankur Bapfit is the best brand and preferred by many home-owners. They provide with 2 years warranty.


Always prefer use warm to luke warm water in resin vessel sinks. Boiling hot water shall not be used as it will harm the plastic of the resin sink.

What features shall a home owner take care of while buying Resin sinks?

Resin sinks are made of superior quality plastic. So as far as quality is concerned, home-owner need not really worry. He/She can choose from designs/ styles as per his interiors and choice. But Pebble Style Resin sink is preferred by mot as they go with all interior style. You have different colour combi pebble sink easily available like red-black, red-white, black-white, red-blue,etc.

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