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Wall Mixer 2 in 1 – Product Review

Wall mixture is a single unit fitted where the entire unit is visible unlike concealed shower panels. Bathroom wall mixer 2 in 1 unit is called so as it comprises of 2 features viz.
(i) overhead shower and
(ii) the spot (bucket filler.

The hot and cold water knobs are present as default in all wall mixture types. Say you want luke warm water, you can turn on both the knobs i.e. hot and cold water on at the same time. The knobs fixed to the wall mixture in 2 in 1 wall mixture are in open fitting style. You can change or replace the knobs, spout and shower whenever required. You have quarter turn knobs used for hot n cold water as modern style in wall mixtures. These quarter turn knobs have cartridge that has replaced washer(indians usually pronounce it as wiser) used in basic knobs.

Basic knobs are those you keep turning it to receive water in full pressure. But Cartridges used in latest design knobs enable smooth movement and are durable then vicars used in basic knobs.

If not open style wall mixture, you can have single lever diverter fitted to your bathroom. Single lever diverter is a single unit that features 3 things. Single lever diverter when turned left or right, it give hot and cold water respectively and also features bucket filling option.

Difference between Single Diverter and wall mixture

a) Single lever diverter is usually concealed fitting unlike wall mixtures. The Bathroom wall looks much neater and stylish with single lever diverter then wall mixture.

b) Wall mixture fittings can be easily changed comparatively coz of open fitting style. For single lever diverter the unit needs to be opened and needful is done.

Brands – You can choose from various brands like Plumber, Velvet, Parryware, Jaguar, Fyne, etc. easily available in market.

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  1. Kuldeep gill 15 November 2014 at 10:00 am - Reply

    Sir I am renovating my flat which is 2bhk . I would like to know weather traditional mixers are durable or diverter are better. We are total 3person reside in flat .
    By the way I have purchased 2 nos of diverter make plumber I was very much in favour for traditional mixers but the shop owner was very much in favour for me to purchase diverter so please suggest weather I should replace or not.
    With Best Regards
    Kuldeep gill

    • contractorbhai 15 November 2014 at 12:40 pm - Reply

      Kuldeep ji, please make sure to involve your plumber in decision making. Arrangment of concealed piping will also decide what bathroom fitting you can buy & which one you cannot. Bathroom fittings as such are last thing you should be worried about. if you are buying from one of top 2-3 brands, you will get 5-7 years of warranty.

      I personally recommend divertors & not traditional mixer. Advance manufacturing technologies makes them very good & robust. Secondly the pleasure of using them is way better then traditional mixers.

      In some parts of India, because hard water, scaling (deposit of lime like substance on pores) happens.

  2. Sathyamurthi Viswanathan 15 August 2015 at 11:01 pm - Reply

    Sir I am building a duplex house which contains 3 bedrooms with attched bathrooms. please clarify whether to have a wall mounted closet or a floor mounted close. And also traditional wall mixer or 3 way divertor, which is best. With Regards.

  3. parth 22 December 2016 at 12:53 am - Reply

    hello sir,

    i am confused about water pressure between wall mixture or single lever diverter. I heard that wall mixture is best suitable for when water pressure is low, but there is delima in my mind like pipeline is same for both so how could be wallmixture can more suitable for low water pressure? please sir give some explanation on it.

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