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Aluminium Furniture Jalandhar Punjab

Recently we came across a Aluminum Fabricator business from Jalandhar, Punjab. Ashok Kumar, who is owner of the business explained us that lately many Home Owners have started choosing furniture made in Aluminum.

Benefits of making furniture in Aluminum over wood:

  • Lighter then wood furniture
  • Highly Economic
  • Long lasting
  • sleek designs
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These items are made With lot of skilled workmanship & attention. Furniture such as Wardrobes, cabinets, doors, Door Frame, TV unit, show cases, cutlery cabinets and many other things are made in Aluminum metal.

Many a times when you buy ready made furniture made out of Engineered wood, you could think of making furniture in Aluminum or other metals. What material to choose depends on personal choice & budget.

We liked these pictures so much that we told Ashokji that we would share them on ContractorBhai

Contact Person : Ashok Kumar
Company : “Ashok Kumar Aluminum Fabricators”
Products: Aluminum Furniture, Aluminum Decoration, Glass work
Address: Deep Nagar, Jalandhar CANTT. Area
Phone : +91-9855272726 +91-7696272726 +91-9023461216
Email: ashok272726@yahoo.co.in

In addition to Aluminum work, Ashokji’s team also covers Glass work. Feel free to reach Mr Ashok for any such needs.

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