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  • Water Proofing in Sunken area of Bathroom

Water Proofing in Sunken area of Bathroom

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Bathroom is the most common area where you would experience water leakage problems. There are different areas in bathroom cause of which there could be water leakage. One is the most common area is sunken portion. Sunken portion is area where commode if fitted in joint bathroom. Water leakage due to sunken portion may not be noticed in your bathroom but will affect downstairs neighbor. For leakage issues in sunken area home owner need not undergo of getting the flooring broken.

Water leakage in sunken portion could be due to crack in pipe, improper pipe joint or something not right with commode.
There are 2 places where the pipes are joint ā€“
(i) Joint of commode to drain pipe and
(ii) crack in pipes.

For water leakage issues at the commode and pipe joint, it can easily be solved by sealing the joint from outer joint surface. The flooring need not be hampered in this case. But yes if there is major pipe crack or fault in plumbing then flooring needs to be broken so that the pipes could be changed, is same for pan (Indian WC) too. There could be leakage due to pan joint too. This issues too can easily be solved by sealing the sides. Here the sides of pan are sealed using grout which is used to waterproof tile joints.

Water leakage in sunken portion is usually observed with Indian style commode than western commode. One of the reason here is the trap style. S-trap that is used for Indian style commode is laid under usually causes such problems. Whereas P-trap used for western commode is rarely a hassle.

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