• Bathroom drainpipe waterproofing

Waterproofing the Drain Pipe

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Another area in bathroom where water leakage is often observed if the drain pipe portion. This is the joints of drain pipe to flooring of bathroom. This joint can be treated in similar fashion as pipe joint. I.e. seal the joint form exterior surface. Home owner need not undergo any hassle of breaking the flooring. Here the sealant used to seal the drain pipe joint is a mixture of cement and polymer coating. There a sheet available that is used by many instead of cement polymer coating. But the bonding of the sheet is not very durable and strong as cement polymer coating. And therefore we do not suggest our clients to use any kind of sheet for waterproofing.

Water leakage could be faced in shower portion too. Water leakage in this area is a very rare case unless the grout or sealant used for tile joint is of poor quality or come out. This area can easily be waterproofed to overcome any leakage problems. To waterproof shower area, a good quality grout is used to fill the tile joint that acts as a sealant and waterproofing agent too.

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