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Interview with Manish Patki, Mural Artist

Manish Patki is a nashik based Artist. He specializes in Art work using C4X or Siphorex (Fly-Ash brick) as medium. You get in touch with him on artist.manishpatki@gmail.com

Please tell us briefly about you journey in to creative work ? How did you start your art career ?

I have loved art since childhood, I would start sketching as soon as I get piece of paper. My mom use to lovingly scold me “there is no paper left inside house, where you have not made a sketch using pencil or charcoal”. My mom use to pack School lunch/tiffin in piece of paper, even that use to get my art.

My mother encouraged me to keep perseving my love for art. I found a Job in Nashik around that time I started creating art work using C4X ( Siphorex) also sometimes called Fly-Ash Bricks.

I enjoyed working with Siphorex material, also started writing Poetry. Times of India has published my Poetries & details of Art work I have done.

Describe what kind of art work you do ? What are different types of art work you work on ?

Other then Siphorex ( fly-ash bricks/stones) I also work with other mediums like – wood carving, natural stone carving, Clay work, metal work.

Why did you choose Siporex as your medium ?

FLy-Ash bricks ( C4X or Siphorex) is a very durable material, can be used in interior or exterior of any buiding. It is softer then natural stones, I love this material. It enbales me to create my ideas in to art work. It withstands external harsh weather, hence any art work or installation in c4x stays untouched for ages.

If you compare clay work with C4X – both materials are soft, but C4X is not forgiving, if you make mistake, it cannot be undone, in clay you can improvise.

What is your creative process of working on site. How do you create this art work ?

Murals made using C4X are conceptualise only after seeing site location. Size & concepts & ideas are first put on papers as sketches, if Architect or client likes it, we proceed to next step. We mutually come up with final sketch. Client/Architect if already has some picture in mind, we try to brainstorm ideas & then freeze it. We take 50% advance payment. Works is done in our studio or place allotted to us by Customer.

Murals once ready, are installed/fixed on wall. This final process can take anywhere from 2-3 days to week, depending upon scope of work.

Is there any concept or inspiration behind each art work ? Do you keep some theme in mind while making art work ?

Nature is my inspiration. I do student of meditation. I take lot of inspiration from my inner self. Try best to reflect my art on my medium. I am follower of Shree Ravishankarji ( Art of Living). Pencil, hammer & my tools – I pick them up & start working. Before I realise all creations starts coming in to existence.

Tell us few places where you have done this art work ? Any famous personality you have met & come across because of your art work ?

With my brother Satish, I have done Art project at Gujarat Ashram of Shree Ravishankarji. I did pantings and sculpture work there. I got chance to meet & get blessings from Guruji. Shree Prasunji (in charge of gujarat ashram ) also appreciated my work.

I have worked with Sir Valson Koleri (international Morden artist). I studied & tried my hand on Morden art

Dr Amol Palekar sir (actor and painter), got chance to do abstract painting project for him. He helped me learn fine details & his insights on abstract & Modern art.

Sir Deepak Kannal (Prof. of Maharaj Sayajirao University) appreciated my work. He said”Michael angelo ki najarse art mt dekh tu teri najar se dekh aur kaam kar”.

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K.D. Kshirsagar sir (successful farmer and lovely person) said “kitna b competition q na ho aacha kalakar ek hi hota”

I keep these words of encouragements & blessings with me & keep doing art work.

I have also worked for famous Architect Nisha Gandhi – she is working on new bus depo at Baroda. Narendra Modiji has a dream to make this Bus Depot, india’s biggest & best & create example for rest of th country. I have worked on several projects with Ar. Nisha Gandhi.

How do we get in touch with you ?

Call me on +91-7773940946 or you can mail me at artist.manishpatki@gmail.com

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