• MagicPlast Gypsum Plaster

MagicPlast Gypsum Plaster

Magicplast is a ready to use gypsum based plaster coating product of Magicrete-building solution. Magicrete building solution has been providing high quality Aerated Autoclaved concrete blocks, panels and various other building materials.

Magicplast is a lightweight gypsum plaster suitable for internal wall surfaces made of blocks, bricks or stones.Magicplast gypsum plaster can be used for all types of interior paints too along with wallpapers, thus producing extremely smooth finish. Special additives with other ingredients in Magicplast gypsum plaster imparts superior surface finish, higher coverage and workability as compared to other gypsum based plasters.

Features of Magicplast gypsum Plaster

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High Strength – High degree of compressive and tensile strength increases overall masonry and load bearing capacity.
Excellent coverage – Due to lower density and higher volume, one bag of Magicplast can cover 24sq ft of surface with thickness of 13mm.
Superior Functionality – Magicplast gypsum has a very high thermal insulation making it a greater interior wall Plaster Product. Magicplast offers very smooth finish and completely crack free as there is no expansion or contraction once setting process is complete. Hence, the material is preferred over traditional option.
Economical – Magicplastgypsum provides a smooth finish in just single coat, thus it saves on money as well as time required for putty coating. Also once set, gypsum does not need any curing since it is self-setting material.

Product Variant

Magicplast Elite – Magicplastelite is useful for those walls where glossy output is required.

Magicplast Superfine – Magicplast superfine- the leading product of Magicrete can directly be applied on RCC, bricks and blocks. The coverage is roughly 18 sqft/ bag of 25kg.


• The background or wall to be plastered should be free from dust and loose mortar.
• For higher coverage, pre-wetting of background is suggested.
• Add gypsum to water for plaster mix, and add water to magicplast, keeping the ratio 1:15. Stir this mixture with rod thoroughly.
• Prepare plaster mix which should not last more than 15 mins. Also do not mix additional dry material once the mixture begins to set.
• A single coat shall not surpass 13mm. If more than 13mm thickness is required, it can be done after the first layer is dried.
• To enhance the workability, plaster spray machine can be used.

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