• False Ceiling- Synchronization of Electrician and Painter

False Ceiling – Synchronization of Electrician and Painter

While installation of False Ceiling, coordination between Painter and an Electrician and the Contractor (who is doing the false ceiling) is extremely essential.For lack in communication in either of them can delay false ceiling work.

Let’s have a quick look at the installation process of False Ceiling.

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After taking all the required measurements, framing work is started. Then levelling is done to the main ceiling. Once above two process are completed, electricians are called in.

Electricians and contractors can work at the same time here. Contractor guides electrician with design which aids them with marking points where lights are to be placed. Electrician does the wiring work accordingly. The switch points and number of switches too are decided beforehand. After main wiring work is complete, main work of false ceiling continues i.e. the plasterboards are installed and finishing is done. Once the false ceiling is given smooth finish with skimming plaster, light fixtures and lights are installed in the false ceiling. Lastly the false ceiling is painted as per client’s choice of color/ shade.

Delay in Work

If electrician delays his work of wiring, then contractor’s take too gets delayed. Because until wiring is done, contractor cannot go ahead and install the plasterboard of do other false ceiling work. Here, let me share this that false ceiling is not only used as design element, but also to hide wires i.e. concealed wiring. Here the wiring of ceiling fixtures like fans, lights, AC, etc. can easily be channeled between false ceiling and the soffit.

Painting work is done at the end i.e. after false ceiling is ready. Therefore there is no question for delay in false ceiling work due to painter But yes if electrician delays his work, it will inturn delay contractor and painter’s work schedule too.

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