• Highlighters for Living Room

Highlighters for Living Room

Highlighters in living room to enhance the room interior and create a style statement. Living room is the place where the guests are seated. The type and finish of highlighter in living room creates an impression on visitors for home owners style and way of living.

Area of Work

In living rooms, highlighters are usually used for TV wall, Wall behind main seating arrangement, columns or beams. For home with extended dining area, home owners can have dinning wall highlighted too.

Sorts of Highlighter for Living room for different areas

Living room is the only room where home owners can have any sort of highlighter i.e. from Natural Stone, Onyx Marble, Texture paint, Wallpaper, Wood panels or wood itself.One thing home owners shall take care of is not have more than 1 highlighter sort per room, since it will make the room appear ragged and too loud. Home owners can have glass too used as highlighter. Glass creates a sense of double image due to its transparency.

For a wall behind seating arrangement, wallpaper or texture paint works out the best. These look beautiful if appropriate design, style and pattern used.

To highlight Dining area wall, home owners can have wallpaper, texture paint or stone to make the wall stand out from the rest. To create an impression, usually wallpapers or texture paint shall be used. There are a variety of design, style and finish easily available in wallpaper as well as texture paint too. Home owners can choose from these, as per their home interior style. Wallpapering and use of stone a highlighter in this area can make the space look rich and sophisticated too.But, home owners not very high budget prefer having it painted in different hue or texture painted. The main reason is budget. Dining area is not a small area. It is quite big and is usually looked for lastly. And by the time dining area is to be renovated or made, home owners have often gone over budget because of which the dining area is preferred to be just painted.Painting is the only cheapest option and that’s why usually preferred when tight on budget.

Glass as Highlighter in Living Room

Glass is often used as highlighter for wall behind TV set. For glass highlighter, paneling is done. Paneling done or structure made is also of glass. There are different types of glass used for glass paneling like clear glass, mirror glass, back painted glass, etc. Home owners can choose any one of above type. To add value to glass panels, home owners can have indirect lights or spot lights fixed.

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Having glass highlighter or panels is quite expensive. The cost for having glass panels starts from Rs.2,200 to Rs.2,400 per square meter.

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