• Buying Italian Furniture-How to get started

Buying Italian Furniture-How to get started

We spoke to Sadhana Vipat, owner of an Import-Export Company based in Italy. Her company deals in “Made In Italy” Furniture. She can be reached at furniture@vipatindustries.com

Question – How can a professional or say home owner staying in India buy Italian furniture?

Ms. Sadhana – Before buying Italian furniture or any furniture the professional or home owner shall be the thorough with 2 aspects mainly i.e.
(i) Budget (ii) Interior Style or furniture Style for given project

Both these aspects go hand in hand. Let me explain how. Let’s say a client has good budget, then he can opt for classic style Italian furniture or modern style Italian furniture. But those with limited budget the professional or home owner need to plan out for necessary furniture items. And if budget allows they can further plan for luxury furniture items.

Once you are well planned as per your budget, we would suggest you i.e. professionals to plan for style of furniture for the project. Followed by which you shall plan for where to buy furniture from i.e. from India itself or from Italy?

Let me help understand buying from different prospective’s-

1) Let’s say client has really good or high budget. For such projects professional can/shall bring their clients to Italy. The professional can contact us, share project details like its budget, style of interior, style or furniture they looking for, if they are aware of any companies, etc. Once we are known to all these details, we share relevant furniture and company catalog with required information.

If you (professional) aren’t sure of which companies to look for, we can help you shortlist on the same even further. Once we have shortlisted few companies, we contact them to organize your visit to their company or factory. And finally you can take you final call. Here we are there to guide you and organize complete trip. By complete trip I mean your staying, visiting different companies, etc.

2) Here let’s say that the budget given to you (professional) doesn’t allow to bring in your clients to Italy. In such cases I usually suggest you i.e. professional to have planned to purchase furniture for 2-3 projects in one visit only. This will help you save your time of visits here and have greater scope of knowing, buying different furniture items.

The procedure to planning and buying Italian furniture stays same as above where you share all possible details of project with us where in we help you with respective company names, products, etc. and plan and organize a trip to different shortlisted companies. We also help you get best of the deals from given companies.

3) Here incase the budget doesn’t allow you as a professional as well as client to not make a trip to Italy for choosing furniture. In such cases you can contact us where you share your projectwe share all required material like different presentations, catalogs and other information required.

Let’s say you liked a particular product, we doing the booking for the same on your behalf. Also, say you want a customized kitchen where you need different furniture elements or design from different vendors from the list provided by us. Here we guide you with mix-n-match concept wherein we bring different items from different or same vendor and create a designer like furniture set for you. All this for within your budget.

4) Let’s say client has (5.57) budget. Here I suggest you to work as per different zones i.e. day zone and night zone. Here we recommend you to complete day-zone furniture selection first followed by night zone furniture. Well the process to buying Italian furniture from Italy remains the same i.e. discussing project details, sharing company names, catalogs, etc.

Once you are done with day-zone planning and if budget allows, plan for night zone Italian furniture. Here again if you as professional share your project details like budget, work plan etc. with use we can help you get furniture for each of the zones that too within your budget. No matter what the budget be.

So you see the basic process remain the same i.e.
• you share your project details with us,
• in return we help you with selected companies as per your budget and style of interiors
• To which we can further list down the companies that you really want to visit for buying
• And then depending on your budget we organize tour to Italy for buying Italian furniture.

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