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Blending Interior Styles for Smaller Homes

Home Interior Design Styles are categorized into 3 styles i.e. Traditional, Modern and Contemporary. Modern and Contemporary styles are lot similar. But there are elements that set them apart. Open rooms, clean lines and simplified furniture is what Modern Style is all about. And traditional interior style is all about elegance and design details. Traditional Interior Style features carved moldings, antique furnishings and graceful lines. The home appears to be warm, cozy and comfortable.

Can we have different Interior Design styles or Concept in one House itself?

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Designer 1 Well imagine traditional furniture in your modern or monochrome wall colors. Or say dark wooden furniture with lighter interiors. Too Contrasting, also your Home interiors goes for a toss. Two different style in one room would cause chaos to your home interior style. Your Interiors will have opposing elements in design and style.


An apartment where home owner tried  having different Interior Design Style but caused a disaster.

Well today typical traditional furniture’s are not easily available these days. So if you home owners who love those intricate design sofas and chairs, then you will have to catch hold of a carpenter or professional to get id made for you. And mind you this will come for good expense. Or worst to worst go for ready-made furniture.
Home owners can still have a blend of Modern and Contemporary Interior Design since both feature few similarities like clean line furniture’s, minimalism, etc.
Designer 2 With awareness and technology home owners have gone way too serious about knowing in-and-out of different Interior Style online. Well let me save time for these home owners. Well Modern Interior Style is the trend being followed by most home owners.

Why Modern Interior Style?

Modern Interior Style or concept is more of practical concept. In modern Interior Style, Clutter is strictly not allowed. Modern Interior Style is a safe bet for your home interiors with restricted spaces. Well I would say traditional furniture have passed by with bungalow concepts that were very common then.
Today most home owners own a flat, stay with simple family with limited rooms and restricted space. Ofcourse traditional interiors and furniture act as eye magnets. But where do we have space?


Traditional Interior Style

Traditional Interior Style features artistic designs, like the designs or curvatures you get to see in old palaces, with loads of wood work and décor handicrafts. Maintaining and cleaning such furniture’s or decors items today is highly difficult. One because its time consuming to clean such detailed art pieces and secondly these furniture’s of décor items take away lot of space. Are you ready to cut down on floor space with such beautiful looking but space occupying art pieces in your small homes?
Another aspect is that Traditional style doesn’t really work easy to your eyes for long. You may love to have a pillar or wall décor items of traditional style for a while. Such décor will surely appear very impressive to you and your guests for initial few days. Over a period of time the beautiful décor may appear a heavy item you want to get rid of.


When you planning your home interior style, think. You probably want that interior style to stay for next 20-25 years. What you would really want is simple rooms, with space saving furniture’s and minimal design details to it. Also light colors will make your room feel spacious and peaceful. This is all what Modern Interior Style all about.
Many home owners are wonder interior designing as art. They want more and more design and details to it. A good Interior Design House would be a house that has fulfilled all your basic needs and décor items but with minimal use of it.

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