Ways to create Impressive Wall Décor

Many Modern homes are featured with open living room and kitchens or huge living rooms. You see huge blank walls. You think to decorate it. Why not? Well it’s a great way to create a focal point. Here are some ways to create stunning Walls …
Which walls are usually decorated as accent wall?
Designer 1 –Usually the back wall i.e. the wall which is not directly seen by home owner or guest is enticed as accent wall. Like wall behind the sofa or bed-back wall, wall behind the dining table.
You can typically paint the accent wall in dark color or wallpaper it, use wall-decal, Add depth to your space with modern wall murals or create a photo collage.
This is what other Designer has to say that is controverting to first Designer..,


Designer PITCH – Wall decors or highlighters can definitely be used for back walls as above designer has mentioned. But my approach is why decorate walls that probably wouldn’t be seen much. Instead add drama to your front easily view-able walls. Like Space next to TV unit, adjacent wall to sofa back wall, passage wall, etc. For e.g. say you have a 40’x40’ massive living room wherein you have sofa arranged at one wall. The wall adjacent to it could be covered with your typical wall Wallpaper ideas or wall texturing. You even have ready decorative 3D panels installed that look very impressive. All these wall coverings are available in varied designs and colors. Be wise and choose the best as per your interior theme and that is going to stay for next 15-20 years on your walls.
Apart from these wall-coverings, Home owners can try these wall décor Ideas as alternative to wall-coverings for their modern homes –

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Book Rack – For home owners who love reading could have a huge book rack made where the alternate shelves can be used as display shelves. To add depth to it, get the book rack painted in bold, contrast color to walls. Like, if have seen an advertisement of Mr. Amitabh Bachan is talking about a product, a sophisticated looking book shelf is harmonized with classy interiors.


Green vertical Garden – Create and inside-out feel to your space. Get some air to breathe in your homes. Some fresh air. Go Green. Add a vertical garden to your walls.
Hang that Bizarre Accessory – Hang a striking color accessory or prop to your walls. It could be anything from musical instrument, old antique frames, ships, etc. anything.


Blaze your walls with Tiny Mirrors – A bunch of small mirrors, not typically square create an interesting layer to your walls.


Pattern your walls with tiles – Mismatch can really work wonders in those nooks and corner to your breakfast table say. Mismatch those colorful tiles that can create serious style to ordinary spaces.

Designer PITCH – Go wild, add colors to your living space, go classy with elegant décor items, but avoid going overboard. Having expensive material for wall decor or having too attractive ideas are not going to charm your walls. Minimalism is the new trend.

Also before finalizing anything, ask yourself if this is what you want to see on your walls for next 15-20 years…

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