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Elegance of Solid Wood Furniture

There is no home or home interiors that wouldn’t suit the warmth, richness and elegance wooden furniture offers. Above all, wooden furniture adds to aesthetic charm and superior structural authenticity that no other material can offer.
Solid Wood makes you feel next to nature that help transforms the mood and ambiance of any given space to classy, warm and welcoming. Solid Wood furniture is not a fad that will stay for a while. It is something that can go on for generations and generations offering eternal beauty, truly not replaceable.

Let’s say you want old fashioned, rich looking wood furniture for your modern homes.
Firstly where would we find such old fashioned, dark wood furniture?

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Designer – Firstly, all these dark wood, old fashioned furniture is made of from solid wood. When we say solid wood, it means it is solid throughout. Solid wood furniture is furniture that wouldn’t have hollow spaces. Solid wood furniture is much stronger that can last for eras then furniture made from engineered wood or other wood type can.


What is this Solid Wood furniture made from?

Designer – Solid wood furniture is made from Sesame wood or Teak wood. These solid wood by itself is very beautiful. Therefore furniture made from solid wood appears adds values and awesomeness to your rooms. Solid wood is often used for furniture’s and flooring. Sure solid wood is not damaged easily, but is liable to stains. These are easier to repair too as compared to other engineered wood. But The great thing about solid wood furniture is that older it gets, newer it appears day by day.


Unlike other wood furniture, sesame wood furniture doesn’t rot or break that easily. But, Solid wood furniture is now a rare piece of art that you could get to see. Reason –
i. It occupies lot of space and
ii. It is an expensive piece to have
If fortunate enough, you could get to see such true solid wood furniture in old houses or monuments like palaces, etc. Now that you know all about solid wood furniture, Treasure them if received from your grandparents or forefathers.
You do have solid Sesame wood furniture today too. But trust me they are an expensive piece of art to have in today’s time. A single piece of solid wood can cost you around lakhs of rupees.


Solid wood – An Unmatched beauty
Today you have very few types of solid wood but then you still can choose from variety of design as each wood type has its own pattern, grain lines, color and texture.

Many have tried to manufacture and come up with different alternatives to solid wood. But have failed. No other engineered wood or sheet of wood can match the beauty, elegance, sophistication, style and value that solid wood furniture delivers.

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